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Rivalry is the ideal bookmaker for those who want to bet exclusively on video games. That’s because it focuses on the most popular titles and provides punters with multiple betting options on esports. Both major and minor events are covered, so those who bet here get to choose between dozens of events and hundreds of markets. The bookie goes the whole 9 yards and helps players make an educated decision when betting, by providing them with the latest news about the games. Recently, the Rivalry Cooldown has emerged as a brilliant source of information and entertainment for those who truly love video games.

Esports Experts Discuss the Future of HotS

Blizzard Entertainment has decided to put the kibosh on the esports division of Heroes of the Storm by doing away with the HGC. This means that the future looks bleak for hundreds of professional players who suddenly lost their jobs. There are many who believe that the sudden end of the competitive arena will also have negative consequences on the game itself. Developers have confirmed that fewer resources will be allocated to Heroes of the Storm, which means that the already struggling MOBA is in real danger of sinking into near irrelevance.

Valve in the Crosshairs for Poor Communication Skills

Valve gave players a couple of excellent games over the years and there were high expectations about future releases. Unfortunately, the company is also notorious for its awful communication skills and the apparent disdain aimed at inquisitive players. They have left many unanswered questions over the years or failed to respond in a timely fashion, which enraged the community. Finding excuses for the company has become increasingly difficult and even some of the dedicated fans are now losing patience. This is also a hot topic in the Rivalry Cooldown videos, so those who want to learn more should check them out.

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The Storm is brewing at Riot Games Headquarters

2018 was a good year for Riot Games, as their flagship game League of Legends has set new records and it continues to grow. There is a very good chance that this year new players jumping on the bandwagon, while many of the existing ones will keep playing. Tournaments are more popular than ever and with the prizes growing steadily, the number of professional players is also on the rise. Rivalry provides countless betting opportunities, so regular punters and veteran players alike can take advantage. Meanwhile, the company tries to deal with the sexual misconduct scandal that has rocked the company one year ago.

All these hot topics, as well as other interesting ones regarding esports are discussed in the Rivalry Cooldown Episode 3. Head on to Twitch to get up to speed with the latest news and see what the experts have to say on some of the hottest topics.

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