FEZbet Esports Betting Review

We’re back with another review, and this time it’s the FEZbet review! This one has been rather interesting to do and we had a lot of fun browsing the very colourful FEZbet esports website.

So who are FEZbet esports and what do they offer that’s unique and that makes them stand out in the sea of live esports betting sites?

Well, the biggest strength of FEZbet esports seems to be their ability to take everything we’ve seen so far and improve it. That means that you’ll find all the usual parts of a standard betting site – sports, esports, casino, virtual sports betting, a live casino, and of course, a live esports betting section. All of these are present, but they’re very well presented, and the entire experience is quite enjoyable.

The most important Points:
79 / 100 Points
  • 100%Matched Deposit Bonus
  • Extensive Esports Coverage
  • VIP Bonus Offers and Seasonal Promos

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As you could already conclude, we’re very impressed by the website design and all the little graphical treats it offers in each section. As soon as you open the FEZbet esports site, you’re presented with all the relevant information that includes the welcome bonuses, FEZbet’s casino, all the FEZbet promo codes, and more.

But that’s already a long enough introduction, so let’s get a bit more specific and dive into their live esports betting section!

Strengths and Weaknesses:
FEZbet Review

Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Advantageous esports betting odds
  • Easy to navigate; switch betting odds into prefered format
  • Up to €100 matched deposit bonus
  • Live chat and email support

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1. Live Esports Betting:

8/10 Points

Live Betting at the heart of the FEZbet platform

Here’s the important part of the FEZbet review – the live esports betting markets! So, what’s the situation here?

Well, FEZbet esports certainly place a lot of importance on their live esports betting section. They have their live matches listed on the front page, and they also have a little “Live” button next to each sports and esports category that indicates that this game or sport is currently live.

It’s very easy to distinguish so you’ll spot it immediately, especially if you’re specifically looking for live esports betting matches to bet on.

2. Esports Welcome Offer:

7/10 Points

100% first deposit bonus up to €100

Now here comes the juicy part – the welcome offer. If you’re new to live esports betting or virtual sports betting, you’ll definitely want to check out these offers from FEZbet esports.

fezbet bonus

FEZbet Welcome Bonus

The main one is the first deposit FEZbet promo code, where they offer a 100% first deposit bonus up to 100 EUR. But there’s also a 50% weekly reload bonus that goes up to 500 EUR, so this offer is more suited for you veteran bettors who’ve been around the site for a while.

3. Payment Methods:

8/10 Points

Offers a range of payment options, including Bitcoin

FEZbet esports are certainly not slacking when it comes to their payment methods. They’ve got all the regular payment options we’ve grown accustomed to, but they also include payments through crypto!

Here’s a full list of payment methods: Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, MiFinity, ecoPayz, Neteller, Paysafecard, AstroPay, etc. You’re also free to check these out for yourself at the bottom of the FEZbet esports main page.

4. Esport Odds:

8/10 Points

Advantageous live betting odds

In terms of esports odds, FEZ bet is doing well. They have all the standard odds but also include some match handicap odds, match winner, number of maps, and more. This can also vary from game to game, or even depending on the tournament, so make sure to always check all the odds before placing a bet.

5. Betting Markets:

8/10 Points

All the popular esports titles available at FEZbet

If you open the FEZbet esports website, you’ll immediately notice that it’s completely dominated by their sports section. They offer an incredibly wide range of sports, basically, everything that comes to mind can be found here, but somewhere in that long list of sports titles, you’ll find their Esports + section.


FEZbEsports Odds

When we click there, we’ll notice how they have all the popular esports titles such as CSGO betting and LoL betting, but there’s also Valorant, Dota 2, Kings of Glory, Rainbow Six, and surprisingly, StarCraft 1. This is an interesting list, and FEZbet esports definitely has a few esports titles you don’t often see on other sites. Wherever we talk StarCraft, you’d expect it to be SC2, but FEZbet decided to go a bit old-school and introduced the original into the mix. It’s really cool to see and it adds a nice little touch to the esports list.

6. Security & Legal:

8/10 Points

Operate under the laws of Curacao

According to FEZbet, they use the best available security algorithms to protect your personal data and encrypt your credentials. This ensures you’ll have a safe and secure environment for all your betting needs.

They also operate under the laws of Curacao and have a valid licence to operate an online casino.

7. Betting Limits:

8/10 Points

A few things to look out for

So, before placing a bet, you should know a few things.

First, make sure to check the bet as this is your responsibility (according to FEZbet). Once that bet is placed, it can’t be cancelled. FEZbet reserves the right to cancel the bet if there are certain conditions that warrant such a move.

That’s just a few little basic rules you should abide by while betting with FEZbet esports, but to learn more make sure to head over to their Rules section and read everything when you have some free time.

8. Interface & Design:

8/10 Points

Easy to navigate

We’re getting closer to the end of our FEZbet review. Next on the list is the interface and design.

This one should be short and sweet. Overall, we’re super happy with how the website looks and feels. It has this very well-balanced mix of animations, interactable buttons, and just general information presented.


FEZbet Navigation Menu

They use a lot of warm colours which makes browsing a lot more relaxing and less straining on the eyes. You can tell they really paid attention to this.

All in all, we’d say the design is pretty fantastic.

9. Customer Service:

8/10 Points

24/7 Live Chat

And now for the obligatory customer service section – how well can FEZbet handle any potential questions or issues that their customers might experience?

Considering they have a 24/7 live chat, there shouldn’t be any issues here. All your problems will be resolved directly here, and in case you don’t have time to chat or you simply prefer the old-fashioned method of mailing them, they’ve got you covered.

You can mail their support team and you should get a quick response.

Additionally, there’s an FAQ section that has answers to all the most common questions, so always make sure to visit that first as your problem may well be resolved right there.

10. Special Features:

8/10 Points

VIP system and other promo offers

Okay, so what about the special features?

FEZbet esports also has a VIP system, as this is one of the more common features of live esports betting sites. It has 5 levels and each level has some juicier rewards. This is for those bettors who are dedicated to a site.


FEZbet VIP Levels

They’re currently running a holiday calendar with free daily gifts and other goodies, so this is really interesting. Combine this with all their other FEZbet promo codes and giveaways and you get a pretty nice package.


Final Remarks

79/100 Points

In conclusion, FEZbet is one of the nicer betting sites we’ve covered so far. They have a little bit of everything and they balance it so well.

The website design is definitely their strong suit that ties it all together and makes it look appealing and presentable.

Their promotions and deposit bonuses are also quite generous, so this should help both new and existing users when doing any live esports betting here.

And lastly, their sports and esports section is really huge, and you can find all the popular categories you’d usually expect, but also some real rare gems.

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