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FIFA 23: Raheem Sterling OTW SBC now available

Chelsea winger Raheem Sterling’s Ones To Watch version is now available for players until October 13 as part of his Squad Build Challenge in FIFA 23. The English forward is the second player to receive an SBC special card after Juventus winger Angel Di Maria.

Sterling received an SBC card following his transfer from Manchester City to Chelsea. The OTW traditionally honors rising stars who switch clubs during the summer transfer window. These special SBC cards can be found in various packs, but the chances of getting one are extremely low. Players can also complete the SBCs and objectives to obtain them.

In order to obtain Sterling’s card, players must have an 85-rated squad with a Chelsea player and an 86-rated squad with a Premier League player. With statistics that are preferable for any Ultimate Team attack, his card has the potential for numerous upgrades throughout the season — which is par for the course since Sterling is considered one of the best wingers in the world.

Here are some key stats that will most likely be useful once the card is obtained:

– Sterling already has 90 Pace — this is clearly top tier, and players could have a prospective endgame card with just one or two upgrades.

– Sterling’s 80 Shooting isn’t impressive, but with some Finishing and Shooting Power boosts, his card can secure the top-tier spot.

– Sterling only has 77 Composure, but with a few tweaks, he will have superb dribbling stats all around.

Unlocking Sterling’s OTW card

FIFA 23 players must complete all tasks within the time limit to unlock the special OTW version of Sterling. The SBC has two distinct requirements, each with its own set of benefits. The details are as follows:

– Segment 1: Tactical Emulation

Number of players from Chelsea: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 85

Number of players in the squad: 11

Price: Around 52,000 FUT coins on all platforms

Rewards: 1 Gold Players Pack (untradable)

The first Sterling OTW SBC segment requires only an 85 squad rating with one Chelsea player. Because there is no chemistry requirement, players can use any high-rated, untradeable players from SBCs, such as First XI, in the club.

– Segment 2: Premier League

Number of players from Premier League: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 86

number of players in squad 11

Price: Around 98,000 FUT coins on all platforms

Rewards: 1 Rare Mixed Players Pack (untradable)

The second segment of the Sterling OTW SBC requires a slightly higher squad rating at 86 but only one Premier League player. There is no minimum chemistry requirement for this segment.

In order to unlock the card, both tasks must be accomplished within the given time limit. Sterling’s OTW SBC will then expire, and players will no longer be able to activate him.

Sterling’s SBC cost

While the SBC has only recently been released, players can expect to spend between 145,000 and 148,000 FUT coins to unlock Sterling’s OTW card. To complete the SCB, it should cost around 155,000 FUT Coins on PlayStation or Xbox and 153,000 FUT Coins on PC.

The cost varies depending on the platform used by the player, with the PC server being the most expensive. If players use fodder, the completion cost will be reduced as well.

With 94 Acceleration and 86 Sprint Speed, the 86-rated LW card moves at a breakneck pace. The card has 3 “Weak Foot and 4” Skill Moves, so it could be stronger in some areas.

With 82 Finishing, the card may struggle later in FIFA 23 when better-rated defenders and goalkeepers become available to players. For the time being, raiding their opponents’ defensive thirds will suffice.