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Fortnite announces collaboration with MrBeast Burger

Fortnite revealed a collaboration with Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson and his burger chain at the FNCS Invitational 2022. A giant statue of MrBeast Burger’s Durr Burger was erected at the event, with the wall behind it showing the words “MrBeast Burger x Fortnite.”

The popular YouTuber collaborated with Virtual Dining Concepts, LLC, to establish MrBeast Burger in 2020. The burger chain is a virtual restaurant without any physical locations. Instead, MrBeast partners with many local restaurants to sell burgers online for delivery.

Fortnite has yet to reveal what the collaboration would bring. Most fans assume that the MrBeast Burger brand will appear in the game in some form, but Game Rant’s Rory Young thinks otherwise.

“Since the collaboration is being teased at a live event, it’s possible that Epic Games has partnered with MrBeast Burger for some type of food partnership at the event,” Young said.

Some fans want to see a more conventional collaboration between MrBeast and Fortnite. They expect a MrBeast Icon skin and the YouTuber to participate in an in-game Fortnite event.

“Assets from Durr Burger could be converted to MrBeast Burgers in-game, or a similar addition could be made at a random place,” Young said.

Fornite’s upcoming content

If MrBeast Burger appears in Fornite, it will most likely show up in Chapter 4 because Fornite has revealed the launch date of the final event for Chapter 3, “Fracture.” The event will take place on December 3. Epic Games only shared a teaser image, and no further details have been released.

Fortnite’s next map will probably be called Asteria. According to GameSpot’s Phil Owen, data miners have discovered a file reference to a new launch option named Asteria. Previous launch options were Athena, Apollo and Artemis. In Chapter 1, the map was named Athena, while in Chapter 2, it was Apollo. The current Chapter’s main map is Artemis.

Besides a new map, Chapter 4 may also bring Fortnite Creative 2.0 mode. Data miners also found that Epic Games was testing the feature. It will likely come with Chapter 3’s final event in December.

“The timing isn’t terribly surprising, since Creative 2.0 has been rumored for December for a while now,” Owen wrote. “But this is going to be a huge deal for Epic–with a far more robust set of tools, creators may be able to build whole games inside Fortnite, a la Sony’s Dreams. And that could, in the long term, shift Fortnite into being more of a platform than just a game.”

Data miners also discovered rideable flying animals in Fortnite’s data. Meanwhile, Owen said motorcycles and skateboards might appear in the next update. However, there was no update as to whether the much-awaited first-person mode would be available soon.

“Skateboarding, for one, may have been intended for Fortnite’s big summer event–remember the skatepark they put up in the big bay on the eastern end of the island?” Owen said.

There is also not much information about the next battle pass. However, most players expect Geno to appear in the upcoming battle pass. Fans noticed a player skin based on Geno’s outfit when he appeared in the Zero War comic in a past survey.