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Fortnite announces Paradise Discord Quest, here’s how to participate

Epic Games has recently announced Paradise Discord Quest, a newly-introduced initiative for Fortnite players to earn rewards by completing in-game challenges for a chance to win rewards. Players may participate in the limited-time event via Fortnite’s official Discord.

In total, there are three new rewards claimable by completing a certain number of tasks, including Chrome-ified Reality Tree Banner Icon, Banana Flip Loading Screen, and Chrome Flow Wrap.

The Paradise Discord Quest was launched to celebrate the release of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise. Citing Epic Games’ official blogpost, players may participate in the Paradise Discord Quest until October 2, 2022. Below are the details and how to participate in the Paradise Discord Quest.

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Fortnite offers its players a plethora of things to do other than racking victory royale every single day. The game has daily and weekly quests as well as limited-time challenges to entertain players. Aside from these, there is a seasonal battle pass, bringing new content and a set of challenges once every three or four months.

This time around, Epic Games came up with a new initiative accessible only to those with a Discord account. To participate in the Paradise Discord Quest, interested players may start by joining Fortnite’s Discord server. Aside from an English server, there are servers with other languages, such as Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese, among others.

Once players have joined an official Fortnite server, an announcement message will pop up on the server. Then click the “Start” button, and a private message from the server bot will prompt players to link their Epic Games account.

After that, players will be presented with the first task to complete in-game. Once completed, another task will be given straight away. Players are eligible for rewards only when a certain number of tasks completed have been reached. Reward details and each of its criteria are provided below:

Chrome-ified Reality Tree Banner Icon (claimable after completing one task)

Banana Flip Loading Screen (claimable after completing three tasks)

Chrome Flow Wrap (claimable after completing six tasks)

Epic Games confirmed that all tasks could be completed on regular battle royale and a Zero Build Playlist regardless of playing solo, duo, trio or squad. The Paradise Discord Quest is only available until this Sunday at 5:59 PM ET.

Provided below are all of the Paradise Discord Quests:

Assist teammates with 10 eliminations

Catch 15 fish

Survive the fifth Storm Circle three times

Deal 3,000 damage to opponents

Heal yourself 300 points

Place top 10 in Solo three times

Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise was released last Sunday, September 18. The new season is a chrome-themed battle royale experience, featuring over 13 new weapon skins in a set called “B.C.E. (BEFORE THE CHROME ERA),” six new battle pass characters including The Herald, new in-game locations, and a new limited-time superpower called Blob.

One of the most interesting features in Fortnite’s new season is slide kick, which can now be used to knock back players.

The new season equals buffs on weapons. Most of the buffs introduced were damage and headshot multipliers on sniper rifles. In total, there were 12 weapons buffed this season, 11 of which are sniper rifles, and the other one is the Rail Gun.