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Game files suggest COD: MW 2 includes FOV slider on consoles

Users have discovered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 files that suggest the game will include a field-of-view slider.

A FOV slider would allow players to modify their view by zooming in and out. This feature would allow a wider point-of-view and may help players spot enemies that otherwise cannot be seen without using the slider.

The slider is only present in select shooter titles. In COD: Warzone only PC players have a fully customizable slider. In other titles, such as Vanguard and Black Ops Cold War multiplayer, the FOV slider is present on both consoles and PC.

FOV slider making its way into COD: MW 2

Twitter user @charlieintel was the first to report the news that users had found a FOV slider for consoles within the COD: MW 2 Beta files and something about a launcher system for COD.

“Breaking news: some users who have accessed the settings of the #MWII beta file on PS5 have found an FOV slider option as well as a third person field of view option. There’s also mentions of a ‘Launcher’ system/hub for Call of Duty,” CharlieIntel said on Twitter.

However, it remains to be seen whether COD: Warzone 2 would also feature a fully customizable FOV slider later.

The news confirmed another leak by Warzone streamer Metaphor in mid-August, who said Activision would include the feature “for last-gen consoles” on all projects which utilize the IW 9.0 engine, an engine developed by COD developers—Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games.

However, nothing is certain until the limited-time Open Beta begins this month. The developers said in February that a FOV slider would only “benefits high skilled players mainly”.

“Adding FOV on console in Warzone creates major performance impacts for old gen console players. Our goal is for Warzone to be a performant experience on all platforms, so we do not plan to implement an FOV Slider on console at this time,” Activision wrote in a February community update post.

“But we are reaffirming our commitment to listening to these concerns and ensuring vigorous and beneficial internal discussions that the developers have about them before solutions – whenever possible – are implemented.”

Activision added that COD developers were trying to avoid making the game more competitive than it is, saying “we don’t want to further increase the skill gap” by adding a FOV slider to next-gen consoles.

New engine, new gaming experience

When Activision announced the sequel to its successful COD: MW, the publisher also announced it would be developed with the new unified engine. Unlike COD: MW and Warzone, the upcoming MW 2 and Warzone 2 use a different engine, and these titles were reportedly built from the ground up.

Infinity Ward co-studio head Pat Kelly said the reason why they developed COD: MW 2 and Warzone 2 from scratch was so that they could avoid messy integration with other titles. Kelly added that the new Warzone 2 was a “massive evolution of Battle Royale” game.

The IW 9.0 game engine includes many improvements from the old one, including improved in-game AI, a new water simulation system, better overall 3D, and more immersive audio.