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Highlights of 2022 LEC Spring Split, week 5 day 2

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In week five, the LEC action continues. With just Rogue remaining unblemished as the second round-robin approaches, fans are wondering if they can be stopped.

Four weeks of LEC action had just passed, with Rogue experiencing defeat for the first time in the Spring Split, and the race for first was now wide open. G2 and Fnatic both won to close the gap to two points. However, as the race for the playoffs began, the middle of the pack began to fill up.

BDS vs. XL

BDS took first blood as they sought to establish a foothold in the game early on. By the 10-minute mark, the gold had evened up as Excel recouped their early loss. BDS would take up additional kills over the next 6-minutes, but Excel would maintain control of the objective game as scores remained tied. The game continued to act in the same way with Baron as the next objective. Excel took the third drake, but BDS took the most kills.

MAD Lions vs. SK Gaming

MAD took first blood in a critical game as they aim to keep their winning streak going. They pushed it into three more kills, giving them a 2k advantage early on. While still down, SK began to claw their way back into the series with a few kills and a well-placed Rift Herald. They did, however, have a 3k gap to close. The back-and-forth resumed, with MAD maintaining a 3k lead while SK showed signs of life.

Rogue vs. Misfits Gaming

Rogue had secured his first blood, yet the kill was exchanged on the bottom side as Misfits struck back. After Misfits squandered a Rift Herald, the game was already on gold at the 10-minute mark. Rogue was still down at the 23-minute mark, but they managed to claim a key Drake as they made their way back into the match. Just moments later, Rogue suffers a setback when they drop their front line with Baron on the Rift.

Misfits were able to recover and retake control of the situation. They were also able to win a battle and capture the Baron as they prepared to conclude the battle. End it they did, Misfits was unbeatable in the bot-lane as Rogue was dealt a 0-2 week.

Astralis vs. G2 Esports

Astralis appears to be in full force as they grapple with G2 in a high-kill 31-minute match, but they are later outsmarted in team fights, ending their short-lived victory streak prematurely. Targamas continues to dazzle with his 11th distinctive champion in 11 games, roaming the map and initiating plays for G2 while restricting Astralis’ support Promisq’s engagement on Leona. Despite being fed on his characteristic Trundle, Zanzarah was unable to carry against Braum’s 4-hit stunning pass and was ultimately picked off, resulting in a clean G2 closeout.

Fnatic vs. Team Vitality

Fnatic took the lead following an ambitious use of Hylissang on the Pyke selection. Vitality was able to bring the gold level by the 10-minute mark. Fnatic wins the first important team battle in a 3-for-2 trade, increasing their gold advantage to 2k. Fnatic went top-side to replicate the play, but this time they took down four Vitality members while receiving none in return. Fnatic won another team battle and converted it into a Baron, increasing their lead to 11k.