IEM Summer 2021 Betting Odds

Summer is around the corner and the fans of CSGO are eagerly awaiting new events to arrive. Luckily for us, the Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI – Summer is on the horizon, and in just a few days we’ll be able to watch some of the CSGO giants clash against each other.

The event kicks off on June 3rd and is scheduled to conclude on June 13th. Ten days of quality CSGO action is more than we can ask for, and we’ll certainly enjoy every second of it.


This tournament features a large $250.000 prize pool and has 16 teams competing for it. We expect fierce competition with such a large amount of money at stake.

We’ll quickly cover the tournament information, followed by the tournament format and live coverage section. Lastly, we’ll finish with our own predictions for this event where we’ll pick the team with the best IEM Summer betting odds.

Tournament Information

The IEM Summer 2021 is an online event where 16 teams compete for the top spot and a prize pool of $250.000. IEM will be played in Europe, and it’s the first of the four planned events of season XVI, and a prelude to the upcoming spectacle that is the IEM Cologne in July of this year.

Out of all the teams, six have a status of a partner team, where they received direct invitation. Among those are an additional four teams who were selected according to the ESL World Ranking.

The rest of the teams made their way to the IEM Summer through the qualifiers. It’s going to be an action-packed event and an excellent opportunity to enjoy some CSGO betting.

The Event Format

This esports tournament will have two stages – the Group Stage and the Playoffs.

There will be two groups, and both of them will use a double-elimination format. Each group has 8 teams. The interesting thing is that the initial matches will be played as best-of-one, serving as a warm-up, but afterwards will continue as best-of-three.

The winners go to the Semifinals, runner-up teams proceed into Quarterfinals as the High Seeds, and the 3rd placed team goes into the Quarterfinals as well, but as the Low Seeds.

When it comes to the Playoffs, it’s going to be very simple. In a single-elimination bracket, the six teams will fight their way to the Grand Final where the winner will be crowned.

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The Prize Pool Distribution

As a part of our IEM Summer overview, we’ll list the prize pool distribution. We’ll go over the rewards from top to bottom.

  • 1st – $100.000
  • 2nd – $42.000
  • 3rd-4th – $20.000
  • 5th-6th – $10.000
  • 7th-8th – $6.000
  • 9th-12th – $5.000
  • 13th-16th – $4.000

IEM Summer Predictions

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get right into the IEM Summer predictions where we’ll list the teams we think have the highest chance of winning. If you’re looking to bet on CSGO, and you wish to find the best IEM Summer betting odds, you’re at the right place.

Gambit Esports

We’re starting off our predictions with the number one team, and that’s Gambit Esports.

This Russian giant has conquered the CIS region, and have now also positioned themselves as one of the leading CSGO teams in the entire world. They play fast and they play well, leaving little room for enemy teams to penetrate their defenses.


Gambit have secured the 2nd spot in the two most recent major events, namely DreamHack Masters Spring and the ESL Pro League Season 13. Prior to that, they won the IEM XV – World Championship.

This is a team you don’t want to mess around with. At the same time, they are the squad you most definitely want to keep an eye on if you wish to maximize your IEM Summer betting odds.


The Danish giants are a close second pick. We believe Gambit Esports is the main candidate to take this event home, but Heroic are one of the teams that might foil their plans.

They messed up during the IEM XV – World Championship, but since then they’ve recovered. Heroic won the ESL Pro League Season 13, and followed up with a solid performance at DreamHack Masters Spring. They took the 3rd-4th place there, which is a respectable result considering the competition.


Right now, they are playing in Group B, and have a number of strong opponents against them. Virtus.pro might be the hardest obstacle, assuming both of them make it to the Upper Bracket round 3.

All in all, the Danes are an excellent betting pick. They will be a safe bet in most of their matchups, but in order to maximize your IEM Summer betting odds you should check out GG.Bet review as they offer some of the best esports odds on the market.

Extra Salt

We have listed our two favorites for the IEM Summer, but have decided to throw in a third team as a potential dark horse of this event, which is Extra Salt.

Extra Salt are a North American CSGO team who’ve joined the scene rather recently, but have found solid success already. During the last event they attended, which is the cs_summit 8, they placed 5th against all odds. Keep in mind, they even finished first in their group, winning against the favorite Team Liquid.


As such, they carry a lot of potential and could perhaps cause one or multiple upsets along the way. Follow these guys, and if you’re willing to be a bit more risky with your bets, go for them. Make sure to check Betway esports, who will most certainly cover this event. They have great odds and offer an amazing service, so you won’t regret it.