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Kiriko Kamori to have Mythic skin in next season of Overwatch 2

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Overwatch 2 has confirmed that the fan-favorite Kiriko Kamori will have a Mythic skin called Amaterasu Kiriko in the Season 3 Premium Battle Pass.

The official trailer reveals the design showcasing the female hero with a long robe and varying coiffures of hair and helmet, which directly references the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu.

Although not seen entirely, the teaser hints that players can customize Kiriko’s appearance by selecting from three skin tones – gold, white and purple – with options for Kiriko’s wardrobe.

A few days earlier, the notorious leaker Santa “FireMonkey” Ricky released photos of Kiriko wearing a deep gold dress and armor inspired by Asian culture. The heroine sports a geisha-inspired haircut and an opulent hair ornament.

Mythic skins

In Season 1, Genji was given the Cyber Demon Mythic skin. The character could change its appearance by altering its mask, shuriken, tattoo or sword.

Meanwhile, Zeus Junker Queen sports distinctively unique armor, shoulder pads and firearms in Season 2. The Zeus skin indicated the game’s focus on Greek mythology at that time.

If the theme of the next battle pass is anything like those Mythic skins, players can expect a variety of Japanese mythology-inspired cosmetics.

On February 7, OW2’s third season will begin, bringing along a new battle pass and Amaterasu Kiriko as the premium track’s Mythic skin reward.

The event will be the first battle pass without introducing a new hero. It is unknown how the two paths will evolve.

To obtain the Amaterasu Mythic Skin, players must reach level 80, just like in the previous seasons’ Battle Passes.

The only way to earn XP and progress to Tier 80 after spending real money is to win challenges and games.

Kiriko’s character design

Kiriko Yamagami is Kiriko Kamori’s given name. She is the most recent character to be added to OW2. The Protector of Kanezaka has quickly proven to be one of the game’s most potent characters. As of January 13, the widely-favored sidekick was the third most-picked hero.

Kiriko can teleport to allies, heal them with talismans, have them teleport to her and throw deadly kunai knives, among other abilities. Her Ultimate Ability reduces cooldowns and increases movement and shooting speed for allies.

Kiriko has paired very well with Roadhog, forming an upper-tier support-tank combo with the healer removing status effects that would otherwise counter Hog.

However, some players in the community have demanded that this popular support character be nerfed because they recently discovered a significant bug in the heroine.

Reddit user u/Vegetable-Depth2801 brought up a problem concerning her Swift Step ability. When trying to teleport to an ally using Swift Step in a game on the Dorado map, they demonstrated that the ability did not function as intended.

The player uploaded a video to Reddit that started with Kiriko trying to heal Echo after she had used Duplicate to make a copy of D.Va’s mech.

Kiriko activated Swift Step to teleport to Echo and throw her Protection Suzu, but the healing wasn’t enough. The support wound up in front of her spawn instead.

U/Vegetable-Depth2801 looked around confusedly after being sent far away from the battle. There’s no telling how the game ended, but the Reddit user’s team might have lost because of the bug.

In the comment section, players discussed the bug and offered explanations for why Kiriko keeps teleporting back to spawn.

“I think because she was in hero select part of her ultimate it teleported you to the map origin,” one comment said.

So far, Blizzard hasn’t done anything about this bug yet.