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League of Legends Leaked New Hero and Champions Rework

League of Legends players are anxiously waiting for the new rank season to begin, after a relatively slow December. There are still several weeks left, but in anticipation of that special moment, there are a couple of things to discuss. Riot Games has big plans for 2019 and the company suggested last year that new champions will be added, while classic ones will be changed. For months, these were only unconfirmed rumors, but recently things have changed, as a new hero and champion skins were leaked.


Image Credits: Riot Games

League of Legends Prepare for a New Champion

The vast majority of those who play the popular multiplayer online battle arena game know that only a few champions are released every year. This represents a clear departure from the early days of League of Legends, when the community was overwhelmed by an avalanche of champions and skins. That’s why, the arrival of a new hero is always exciting and the new leak indicates that such a release is imminent.

Riot Games didn’t confirm the rumors and some of the information was deleted from Reddit where it original he surfaced. Nevertheless, there’s a very good chance for the new champion to be one suitable to play on the top lane. It is also likely that its abilities will include a knock up and visually, this will resemble a juggernaut using chains to overpower opponents. Tahm Kench, Sejuani, Kha’zix and Rengar will also be brought into the spotlight with new skins. Those who play Tristana, Neeko, Nunu, Veigar, Zyra and Syndra can also consider themselves lucky because these champions will receive new skins.

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Kayle and Morgana Reworks are Imminent

Many of the original champions have changed several times since the game was released nearly a decade ago. Some of them were transformed beyond recognition, but Kayle and Morgana have remained unchanged since the early days of League of Legends. This is likely to change in the foreseeable future, as the two sisters are on the fast track to a major rework.

Kayle is likely to be transformed more than her sister, with the ultimate rumored to change, in order to buff the other abilities. This will happen incrementally as the champion levels up, so the ultimate will have a more significant effect on the other skills and maximum level. There is also a strong possibility that the champion will be changed visually, so those who own the complete set of skins are in for a pleasant surprise. Morgana will undergo fewer changes and most of them will be purely visual, but the W ability is expected to gain an additional crowd control feature.

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