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Riot Games Announces New League of Legends Skins, Events and Champions

The beginning of the new season reignited interest among League of Legends fans and the number of active players has increased as a result. Riot Games used the opportunity to shed some light on its plans for 2019, which include the release of new heroes, major rewards and the arrival of new vanity items.

Cats vs. Dogs Event Comes to League of Legends

The last time a major VS event pit players against each other in support of one of the larger than life heroes supporting order or chaos. In 2019, Riot Games prepares a lighthearted experience and at the cornerstone of the new event will be the contest between cats and dogs. There’s still a lot of uncertainty regarding the manner in which this event will unfold, but we know for sure that new skins will be added. Players will have to choose a side as they always do and then stay active throughout the tournament, hoping that their team will emerge victorious.


Image Credits: Riot Games

A New Way to Showcase League of Legends Achievements

League of Legends players spend a lot of time in game and throughout the ranked season, many have set important milestones. Now, Riot Games is ready to provide the tools needed to make these achievements even more visible. Bragging rights have always been important among MOBA players and the newly announced instruments will be introduced in the first half of the year. For some odd reason, the developers chose not to give away too many details, so players can only speculate. There is a good chance for more emotes to be added, so players will be able to show off their hero level in-game.

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Prepare for an Avalanche of New Skins

Riot Games is able to keep the game balanced and fair without charging a monthly subscription because of the micro-transactions. Skins are the main source of revenue for the company and in 2019, players will be able to make many more such acquisitions. There will be dozens more up for grabs and developers are also inclined to reimagine several new skin themes in the second half of 2019. One of the interesting directions that the company is ready to pursue involves the branching out of League of Legends lore, to incorporate alternative universes, such as Star Guardians, Project and KDA.

The new skin concepts promise to be visually appealing, while also emphasizing the rivalries between some of the champions of Runeterra. Players can catch a glimpse at what lies in store by checking out the High Noon short cinematic with its demonic Wild West characters. Riot is yet to disclose the names of the heroes that will benefit from this special treatment, as well as the new skins. The rumors regarding the overhauling of Kayle and Morgana have also been confirmed and these changes are imminent.