LEC Summer 2021 Betting

Summer is here, and it brings fresh new League of Legends tournaments for all the fans of the Summoner’s Rift. LEC Summer 2021 begins on June 11th and will go on until August 1st, giving us fans more than enough time to enjoy some quality League of Legends action.


Ten amazing teams are battling it out for a €200.000 prize, as well as Championship Points which will determine which of these teams will qualify for the LoL Worlds 2021. This is the pinnacle of League of Legends esports, and you can bet that each of these contenders is hungry to prove themselves and land in one of the top 3 spots of this event.

Without further ado, let’s quickly go over the basic tournament information and move into the LEC Summer 2021 predictions.

LEC Summer – Tournament Information

The tournament format is very simple. It begins with the Group Stage where all the teams will play a total of 18 best-of-one matches each. Once the dust settles and the winners are decided, we transition into the Playoffs.

Playoffs will be played in a double elimination format with all matches being best-of-five. This gives more breathing room for the teams and allows those who struggle in the first matches to make a complete comeback by the very end.

The Group Stage performance will determine the placement in the Playoffs. The top 3 teams that finish the Playoffs qualify for the LoL Worlds 2021, and they take the bulk of the €200.000 prize pool.

Overall, this should be a real treat for any League of Legends fan, and especially those of you who enjoy a bit of LoL betting. LEC Summer 2021 betting will be super popular amongst esports punters, and we might even see some live esports betting options being offered by the esports bookmakers.

LEC Summer 2021 Predictions

When it comes to LEC Summer 2021 betting, we have a very good selection of teams to choose from. In this case, we’ll focus on the top three teams with the best esports betting odds.

G2 Esports

Out of all the teams competing in the LEC Summer 2021, there is one squad that stands on top, and that’s G2 Esports.

G2 have consistently outperformed all other teams for the past 2 years in the LEC. Last year, they won the LEC Spring 2020 and then followed up by yet another victory at the LEC Summer 2020.

lec-summer-2021- main

The LEC Spring 2021 was a very good tournament for this team, despite them failing to win. Still, they made it all the way to the Loser’s Finals where they suffered an unfortunate defeat against Rogue. This earned them a respectable 3rd place.

With all things considered, we feel that G2 will most likely win this event, given their history in LEC and their great recent performance. If you’re planning on doing some LEC Summer 2021 betting, then this is the team you should go for.


This is our second pick for this event. Fnatic have a great League of Legends team and a rich history in LoL esports, so we expect them to reach the Playoffs.

Although they haven’t won any recent LEC events, they did make it all the way to the Grand Finals during LEC Summer 2020 where they lost to G2. During LEC Spring 2021 they managed to fight their way to the Playoffs and landed in the Loser’s Round 1 where they beat SK Gaming. However, they were stopped in their tracks by FC Schalke 04 in the match that followed.

Overall, Fnatic is a great pick when it comes to LEC Summer 2021 betting.



This European squad is our third and final pick for this event.

While they do not have a long history like the other two teams, they’ve shown to be a team capable of competing with the best.

They finished the Group Stage during the LEC Spring 2021 with a 14-4 score, right behind G2 Esports who had the same score.

During Playoffs they made it all the way to the Grand Finals after eliminating G2 in the Loser’s Finals.

They are in great shape and will probably use the momentum they achieved in LEC Spring to continue their onslaught. This is a team we also see reaching the Playoffs, and with some luck, maybe even winning the event.