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LoL enthusiast spots two unreleased game-breaking items

An eagle-eyed League of Legends enthusiast has accidentally spotted two unreleased items that might be game-breaking. The items are a type of boot called the Boots of Teleportation and the Sword in the Stone, and both feature teleportation with a shorter cooldown than the Teleport League summoner spell.

Twitter user Spideraxe30, a well-known game designer and staff member of Surrender@20 or League’s Public Beta Environment, was the first to release the items to the public. The Boots of Teleportation and Sword in the Stone were reportedly among the new items that Riot Games was planning to add sometime in the future. Both items would’ve likely altered the game’s entire competitive scene if they were introduced without any changes, especially in terms of champion builds and team strategy.

Responding to the finding, Riot Games’ Summoner’s Rift designer Phlox reassured fans that the items “were an early exploration for top lane stuff,” and there were no plans to add them into the game at the moment. “This one slipped into the build I guess,” he wrote.

More details on two new items in League

The Boots of Teleportation, according to the screenshot provided by Spideraxe30, can be built from a Ruby Crystal and Boots of Speed, and the item will cost 1,200 gold.

The item grants players 250 health and 45 movement speed bonuses to complement its active teleportation skill, which allows teleportation to a nearby allied structure, ward, minion, or champion. It requires four seconds to channel prior to teleporting and has a 240 seconds cooldown, which is a whole one minute shorter than the current widely-used Teleport League summoner spell.

On the other hand, the Sword in the Stone features an active ability and is built from a B.F. Sword and Aegis of the Legion for 3,400 gold. Similar to the boot, the Sword of the Stone’s active ability, Destiny’s Call, also has four seconds of channel time and 240 seconds of cooldown. However, teleportation is only limited to an allied champion.

Upon arriving, nearby allies will receive two buffs⁠—a 100-shield bonus plus 250 of total attack damage for four seconds. As for the user, the Sword of the Stone carries a total of four whopping bonuses, including 55 attack damage, 35 armor, 35 magic resist and 15 ability haste.

These new items could set forth an entirely new gaming experience as players playing top and mid can now roam easily across the map. Meanwhile, AD carry and jungler would also benefit well from these items with a more aggressive playstyle, for example, flanking opposing champions or finding a better entry in stealing, as well as assisting ally champions in fights.

A new balance issue could also emerge, especially if Riot were to decide not to take out the summoner spell or further polish the three teleportation items in the future. However, until further notice and updates, League players may still opt for the Teleport League summoner spell for all their teleporting needs.