LOL European Masters Spring 2021

The League of Legends European Masters tournament returns again, and this time with 28 top EU teams coming from the spring regional leagues. The event starts in just a few days on March 29th, and will last for several weeks. No end date has been announced yet.


With such a large number of teams competing, we’ll have the opportunity to witness a lot of interesting matches and enjoy some LoL betting. We’ll quickly mention the key tournament information, go over the format, and then get straight to the teams.

Watch EU Masters Spring 2021 LIVE!

English Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/eumasters 

Spanish Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/lvpes 

German Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/summonersinnlive 

European Masters – Tournament Format

The tournament is separated into four different stages. The first on the list is the Play-In Group Stage, and it has 16 teams in total. This is a quick stage with double round-robin  Bo1 matches, and will conclude in just two days.

The top 2 teams from each group proceed into the Play-In Knockout stage. The winners in this stage move forward into the Group Stage.

Group Stage will have four groups, and only the top two teams from each group will advance into the Playoffs. Playoffs are the pinnacle of the event, and the winner will be decided in a Bo5 Grand Final match at the end of this esports tournament

Let’s check out the teams

If you enjoy some risk in your LoL betting, this might be the perfect tournament for you. The 28 teams qualified from National League Minors, and now when they finally have the chance to compete at a Major event, they won’t let it slip easily.

We expect the competition to be fierce, but also very unpredictable. It’s the perfect environment to place some risky bets, especially during Play-In and Group Stage as all matches are Bo1 and end very quickly. However, if you prefer a more strategic approach when betting, you could try your luck in the Playoffs. 


We expect BIG to pull ahead into the Playoffs, and potentially even win the event. They won the recent Prime League Spring 2021, so they are in high spirits and fully motivated to continue their onslaught.

It’s important to mention European Masters Summer 2019, where they also took 1st place. This means they have experience in the Majors and should not be taken lightly.


This is another team vying for the title. They are BIG’s main competitors, and in fact, they finished 2nd during Prime League Spring 2021. They lost to BIG in the Grand Finals, but will now be looking to settle the score.

The mousesports crew attended two previous EU Summer Masters and finished 3rd-4th. This could be an opportunity for them to shine and finally win an EU Masters tournament.


The Polish powerhouse could cause major issues for BIG and mousesports. If competing against one another wasn’t enough, they now have to deal with AGO ROGUE potentially foiling their plans. AGO is the academy team of Rogue and they’ve been active for about two years.

However, every event they competed on, they achieved great results. AGO destroyed Ultraliga Season 5, and last year they won the European Masters Summer 2020. They are in top shape, and will probably be one of the two teams to end up in the Grand Finals.