Complete Guide to LoL Worlds Betting

League of Legends gambling is at an all-time high. Every day countless fans are placing wagers on regional competitions like the NA LCS, EU LCS, and LCK. However, few things can match the sheer excitement of LoL Worlds betting. The 2019 League of Legends World Championship is the highlight of the year and without a doubt the most important LoL tournament in the world. With that, even bookies struggle to predict the outcome of some of these matchups. If you’ve done your research and kept up with different competitive regions, League of Legends Worlds 2019 live betting presents ample opportunities to make a good profit.

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The League of Legends World Championship (or Worlds) is filled with high-level lineups that are playing at the highest stakes possible. The 2019 edition will take place in Europe at several locations, while the Grand Final will be hosted by the city of Paris.

24 teams from 14 different regions will fight for the prestigious Summoner’s Cup and one of the biggest prize pools in the tournament’s history. This will provide punters with excellent LoL Worlds betting 2019 choices at the top bookmakers and best esports betting sites we recommend.

LoL World Championship Overview

So, what exactly is LoL Worlds? Well, as the name indicates, it’s the largest competition for the most popular esport in the world! It starts at the beginning of October and the winners will be decided in the second half of November, with the official dates yet to be announced.

Each year, the prize pool grows larger and in 2019, the final figure is expected to exceed $7 million, which would set a new record.

The actual number grows two (or even three) times because it’s amplified by League of Legends skin sales!


Then, there are the viewers. LoL Worlds live streaming is consistently breaking esports viewership records, as it’s the most prominent tournament in the scene. For example, the 2017 World Championship reached a peak of 106,210,010 viewers during the semifinals match between SKT T1 and Royal Never Give Up. But even if you look past that series, there was an average of 33,050,049 viewers tuning into the LoL Worlds streaming broadcast from all over the globe.

Such popularity didn’t appear out of thin air. The tradition of holding League of Legends World Championships goes as far as 2011, and you could even say it’s the driving force behind the rapid growth of LoL esports.

Historically, Worlds was dominated by South Korean teams, but every year, other regions come up with new ways to challenge their reign. Last year, the Chinese team Invictus Gaming cruised to what was a rather surprising Final against Europe’s finest, Fnatic.
Invictus won the trophy and this year they are among the main favourites, getting some of the lowest LoL Worlds odds at leading bookmakers.

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LoL Worlds Format

Each League of Legends pro player dreams of winning the Worlds, but few manage to even reach the tournament. After all, major regions can only send three of their best Summer Split teams to participate in the competition. Anyone that wants to represent a minor region has to finish in first place, so those who reach the main event are truly the best teams in the world. This explains why League of Legends Worlds 2019 live streaming platforms experience a peak in viewership during the international event.

The League of Legends World Championship 2019 has an original format, with 24 teams from 14 regions entering the race. There will be three teams representing North America and just as many from Europe, South Korea, China and the Taiwan/Macau/Hong Kong region. Japan, Brazil, the CIS region, Oceania, Vietnam, Turkey, Southeast Asian, as well as Latin America North and South will have one team. The competition has three stages, which go by the name of play-in, group round and knockout stage.

When everyone’s qualified, it’s time for Worlds. The tournament kicks off with a Play-In Stage where minor regions fight through a massive group stage. This is easily the most volatile part of the tournament, which definitely makes for fun LoL worlds live betting. A total of 12 teams are involved, divided into four groups and matches are played in a best of one system, using the double round-robin format.

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In the second stage of the play-in, the surviving eight teams will play four single matches and the winners advance. Now the real battle starts. The best teams in the world clash in a cutthroat group stage, and only a fraction of them get to advance to the playoffs. Once again, they are split into four groups and a double round-robin system is used with the best-of-one series. League of Legends Worlds 2019 live betting opportunities will once again be available to punters, before two teams from each group qualify.

There, they go through a string of brutal matches, showcasing the highest level of gameplay to anyone who tunes in for LoL Worlds live streaming broadcast. The single elimination bracket will make this stage of the competition the most intense and this is where the stakes are the highest. Winners of each series are decided at the end of best-of-five matches, so the role played by luck is greatly diminished. Finally, when the dust settles, the last team standing is crowned the World Champion.

Best LoL Worlds Betting Sites

Now that we’ve looked at the event itself, let’s talk LoL Worlds betting 2019. Namely, the places where you can bet on it. Almost every established esports bookmaker will offer LoL Worlds odds, but if you really want to kick-start a successful gambling career, it’s important to choose the right platform. With that in mind, here are some betting sites you should consider:


This platform offers pretty much everything you could ever need for LoL Worlds live betting. It has an intuitive design, a lucrative deposit bonus (100% up to €100), a ton of betting markets, and regular esports promotions. Moreover, its loyalty program rewards regular clients with free bets, and its 24/7 customer support is always there to resolve any issues via phone, email, or live chat. And if you ever want to try other gambling ventures, Betway has you covered with great sports and casino sections. You can register your Betway account here.


If you’re looking for a good up-and-coming esports betting site, ArcaneBet is the way to go! Its 100% welcome bonus of up to €100 is on par with that of Betway’s, and the betting markets are just as plentiful. The real kicker, though, is its extensive League of Legends Worlds 2019 live streaming feature, which lets you follow the action in real time. The interface is very straightforward, so ArcaneBet makes it very easy to find the best betting markets possible. And much like Betway, you can also explore sports wagers and casino games. You can start LoL Worlds live betting on ArcaneBet here.

Where to Find Best LoL Worlds Odds

While extra features are great, every experienced punter knows that odds are king. And if you want to make a profit through LoL Worlds betting 2019, you need to find the best deals possible. Granted, Betway and ArcaneBet are known for their generous odds. But you never want to limit yourself to one or two platforms. After all, the only way to make sure you’re getting the most lucrative offers is to go through a bunch of betting sites and compare their odds.

Platforms like Betspawn, EGB, and will offer very competitive deals to their customers. EGB also has the best LoL Worlds live streaming support, which will come in handy if you choose to try in-play betting.

Still, if you’re really searching for good odds in the business, look no further than Pinnacle. This site has many downsides like the absence of welcome offers or LoL Worlds streaming broadcasts. Even its customer support is limited to email only, so it might take a while to resolve any technical issues. However, Pinnacle provides some of the best odds in the esports betting industry, and depending on who you ask, that easily makes up for its shortcoming.

Who to Bet on LoL Worlds

Alright. We’ve established where to gamble on LoL Worlds, but how on earth do you decide who to bet on? Well, there are a few options.

For starters, we’ve already mentioned that South Korean teams tend to dominate the competition, so you won’t make a mistake by backing them. Most bookmakers are aware of this trend, though, and you will rarely—if ever—find great odds for these wagers. SKT are the best-known and most successful team from the Korean Peninsula, but Griffin comes strongly from behind.

With that in mind, it’s smarter to look for upsets. China has always been the second-best League of Legends region in terms of firepower, and Europe is renowned for its bold strategies and wild creativity. Invictus Gaming are the reigning LoL Worlds champions and the winners of the LPL Spring Split, so they’ve got both the form and the momentum. FunPlus Phoenix is the hottest Chinese team and the winners of the Summer Split, not to mention the main favourites at most bookmakers. Royal Never Give Up have an experienced squad that when playing at 100% can defeat any team in the world.

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In Europe, G2 have dominated the LEC regular season and they’ve won the Spring Split, but Fnatic are the 2018 finalists and a team with tremendous experience. G2 Esports is our first pick for the LoL Worlds betting 2019, especially with most bookmakers crediting them with the third chance. Fnatic have talented players, but throughout the season they’ve been hammered by G2 and lost all the best of five series.

Try to tune in for League of Legends Worlds 2019 live streaming broadcasts to see which teams have the biggest chance of challenging the Chinese reigning champions. Then, remember to do your research. A platform like Reddit puts up regular power rankings and post-match discussions where you can learn the community opinion on the skill levels of different teams. And if you want to crunch some numbers, Oracle’s Elixir offers detailed stats for the most notable League of Legends tournaments.


The League of Legends World Championship is one of the biggest events in esports. Millions of viewers tune into LoL Worlds streaming broadcasts to watch the strongest teams clash with each other. This is a perfect moneymaking opportunity for punters from all over the globe. And if you really want to hit a gambling homerun, LoL Worlds betting is the way to go.