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Modern Warfare 2 to feature fan-favorite Gunfight, enhanced Special Ops modes

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s fan-favorite Gunfight mode will return in Modern Warfare 2. However, it will not be available when the game launches. Activision has also announced a new feature called the enhanced Special Ops mode, which brings back the wave-based challenge.

Modern Warfare 2 is coming out this year, and it has a lot of exciting features. Players will also get a brand-new Warzone and multiplayer experience along with a new mission that focuses on the legendary Task 141 members.

Infinity Ward first officially shared MW2 information on June 8. Players were informed about the updated water mechanics that were coming to the game, as well as what to expect from the campaign.

Call of Duty fans also learned that the classic Gunfight mode would be added to MW2 after its launch. Modern Warfare 2 will also feature a wave-based Special Ops mode, which the developers claimed was “evolved” using an AI-enhanced system.

Gunfight mode to return to MW2 post-launch

In the Gunfight mode, players face off against each other in close combat on tiny maps. Teams of two players are pitted against each other to kill the opponents in 40 seconds or less.

Every team has the same class that changes every two rounds. The winners are the first team to win six rounds. This mode is popular because it focuses on gun skill as the metric of success.

The Gunfight mode will appear in MW2 post-launch, which is excellent news for Gunfight fans. Considering that the feature’s release date is not exactly known, it makes sense that Infinity Ward will want to unveil their new Knockout and Prisoner’s Rescue modes first.

The return of the Gunfight mode in Modern Warfare 2 should appeal to thrill-seekers that are hungry for intense moments on small maps. Although there is a risk of death if you make a mistake, the mode is still a great way to learn and practice weapon handling.

MW2 to also feature an ‘evolved’ Special Ops mode

The Special Ops mode debuted in the original Modern Warfare back in 2009. Originally, it presented a brand-new way to play Call of Duty cooperatively, in which players join forces with friends to eliminate waves of enemies throughout various missions.

The developers have made it clear that Modern Warfare 2 (2022) will not feature a Zombies mode, but it will have an enhanced Special Ops mode. Modern Warfare 2 will also include an “advanced AI system”, along with the “evolved Special Ops mode”, as announced by Activision on the Modern Warfare 2 blog.

The announcement mentions that Modern Warfare 2’s Special Ops is a “tactical co-op mode”, which “advances your team-building skills, and also sets the scene for the near-endless hours of gameplay available in the world-class Multiplayer”.

Special Ops is being marketed by the developers as a great way for players to master their skills prior to playing the multiplayer mode. The game’s developer asserted that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s new AI system would present real challenges for players.