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MW2 & Warzone 2 Season 2 launch trailer teases Ashika Island

Activision has released the official Season 2 launch trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, showing the new Ashika Island map, new features in Al Mazrah in Al Mazrah and more.

The Japanese-themed island is a secondary map with seven major landmarks for Warzone 2’s Resurgence respawn mode and DMZ. Fans are excited by the announcement since Resurgence is a faster option that allows respawning as long as at least one squad member is alive.

Ranked multiplayer, a long-awaited fan request, has also been confirmed by the teaser.

What Ashika Island offers

The new map Ashika Island, known as the Isle of the Sea Lion, welcomes players to an archipelago in an unspecified section of the Asia Pacific.

The island is used for agricultural and industrial purposes. There is a Comms Tower on the island’s northwestern side, one of three located in various parts of the island.

The North Beach is a somewhat open region with half-sunk dolos obstacles and dispersed boulders connecting the main island to the east and the Water Treatment Facility. In the area, players can find greenhouses strewn throughout the yard. It’s easy to tell the greenhouses apart because of the unique roof numbers assigned to each one.

As the main attraction, the town center of Ashika Island features a ferry terminal. This facility is situated near the bridges that cross the island’s canal, leading to the City Hall, Tourist Center and other attractions.

New features in Al Mazrah

In addition to Ashika Island, the developers also modified various locations on the map of Al Mazrah.

The developers said that there would be new features that players could explore in Al Mazrah, including the crash site of an unknown aircraft near the Sattiq Cave Complex. This modification is a reference to the Afghan region where “it appears it will finally have its iconic plane in its rightful place.”

Long-time players may already know that the desert of Al Mazrah is in the fictional nation of Adal. The update welcomes players with new places to explore, such as new cities, landmarks and stone ruins.

The Rohan Oil Refinery, Taraq Village and Al-Safwa Quarry may be found in the northwest section of Al Mazrah, within a vast panorama of the oasis and roadside ruins.

The Taraq Village looks to be the most secure location to drop, loot and hole up for a fast ambush, as it offers structures for cover, vantage points and hiding areas.

Rohan Oil is for players who want rapid loot and speedy fights. The oil complex is primarily open, with tents and worker housing erected on the flanks. Opponents can scale the numerous silos and tanks, so watch for trigger-happy snipers.

Located in Sector 2, Al Mazrah City is the most populous area on the map. The embassy may be the most prominent hot drop on the map, but there are plenty of other buildings, like a police station and high-rises, to explore.

In the East Suburbs, players can have a more homey shopping spree. There is a supermarket, a shopping strip and a motorway that runs through the middle of town here.

On the western side of Al Mazrah, there is the Sattiq Cave Complex, where players can find a complex system of underground shelters beneath the city – an ideal area to wait for unsuspecting foes.

The Sattiq Cave Complex’s exterior comprises mainly crumbling towns and outposts, but players can also go to Hafid Port and Sa’id City, two more developed coastal settlements. The Oil Jetty in Hafid Port and the Sa’id City Soccer Stadium are both notable landmarks in the surrounding area.

Other highlights

The trailer also showcases the new scaled-down 1v1 Gulag for Al Mazrah, which will include the same familiar environment as the previous battle royale mode.

Gulag Season 2 will be held in the same prison as Season 1. However, it will be scaled down to accommodate 1v1 matches.

Five new weapons will also be available in Season 2’s multiplayer and battle royale modes.

The new battle pass’ free tiers will grant access to the crossbow and the Tempus Torrent marksman rifle. Players can also unlock the KV Broadside shotgun and the Dual Kodachis by completing in-game tasks.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 2 is coming on February 15.