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New Dragon Ball crossover coming to Fortnite in patch 23.30

1.31.2023 https://t.co/DwUJieQ9ln, tags: dragon ball fortnite patch - @FortniteGame (twitter)

Recently, Fortnite’s Twitter account released a teaser for an upcoming Dragon Ball collaboration in patch 23.30, rolling out for all devices today. The teaser suggests that the new cross-over will involve Dragon Ball: Super Hero, the most recent 2022 movie in the manga/anime franchise.

Unlike previous Fortnite chapters and patches, no leaks came out weeks before the teaser of 23.30’s Dragon Ball collaboration, making the announcement a welcome surprise.

Fortnite’s previous Dragon Ball collaboration in August 2022 brought in many beloved characters from the franchise, including Goku and Vegeta. Both characters had their own movement sets tied to their Super Saiyan powers from the original franchise.

The latest collaboration teaser depicts a picture of a purple spaceship flying over Fortnite’s game map, bearing a menacing red symbol on its wings. Fans of the series quickly noted that the symbol was from the Red Ribbon Army, a classic villain group from the series.

The Red Ribbon Army gained prominence in the recent Dragon Ball: Super Hero movie, leading to speculations that more heroes and villains from the movie would enter Fortnite’s fray.

Patch 23.30 will go live today. At the time of writing, Fortnite is still disabling matchmaking and shutting down its servers to update the game. The patch will also feature other notable additions, such as new oathbound and weekly quests, Fortnite Crew packs, skins, and the highly-anticipated Geralt of Rivia skin from The Witcher collaboration.

Character speculation

It comes as a surprise that no leakers were able to predict the collaboration, as many updates in the past were leaked weeks before their actual release. Leakers have reliably been able to data mine content from the game’s files to foresee developers’ new additions.

However, leakers have yet been able to locate any new character or skin files in the new patch, leading to rampant speculation on what characters will appear in the next collaboration.

The most common fan assumption includes Gohan and Piccolo. They are central characters in the Dragon Ball: Super Hero movie, lending more credence to their possible addition to the game.

Other characters fans hope may release are the Gammas, Trunks and Krillin, all of whom are beloved by the wider fanbase. The Gammas are notable for being androids of the Red Ribbon Army, the villain group symbol depicted in the teaser.

Possible map and item additions

Fans also speculate that old items from the previous Dragon Ball collaboration, such as the Nimbus Cloud and Kamehameha, may make a comeback. Previously released Dragon Ball skins are likely to return as well.

August 2022’s Dragon Ball collaboration brought in many map and item additions along with the characters of Goku, Bulma, Vegeta and Beerus. Other than the aforementioned rare items, Epic Games also added an island map from the Dragon Ball anime and a special glider that could be obtained by doing quests. The Kame House was also added as a time-based map element in the game for a special event.

The upcoming collaboration may also involve similar additions, particularly with the flight carrier depicted in the promotional teaser. Fans believe that the Red Ribbon Army’s flight ship will be used as one of Fortnite’s infamous hang-gliders to help drop players into the game.