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Nexus Blitz comes to League of Legends this December

League of Legends players are tempted to take a short break from their favorite multiplayer online battle arena game. That’s because the ranked season is in recess and it will only resume in January, so there’s very little incentive to try hard in December. Furthermore, there are no major competitions scheduled, so there are virtually no live streams to watch until the end of the year. Riot Games goes to great lengths to provide players with the impetus to stay active and its latest solution goes by the name of Nexus Blitz.


Image Credits: Riot Games

Just a few days after the new champion Neeko was revealed, Riot has unveiled its latest surprise for League of Legends players. This is a new game mode, with slightly different rules, that should serve as a welcomed diversion from the more serious ranked games. Concepts such as duo jungling, invulnerable turrets in the upper side of the map as well as new buffs for the Rift Herald, are likely to sweep players off their feet. The game is played at a faster pace, with the bot and top lane sharing the same inhibitor.

Get Ready for the Winter Holiday Events

In order to ramp up the enthusiasm for Nexus Blitz, Riot has introduced special events that are randomly triggered before the match. Bardle Royale is one of them and it comes in three flavors, the standard mode, the juggernaut and the paranoia versions. The two teams find themselves in an ever shrinking circle of death where time is of the essence and where a single player can be left standing. This is a fast-paced event and perhaps the most original of all the new game modes added this month.

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The URF Deathmatch is a fun game mode, where players get exceptional buffs and three lives, to deliver indiscriminate justice upon foes. Loot Teemo and Loot Veigar have players chasing these characters around the map to earn gold each time they inflict damage. There are also two versions of the “push the cart” game modes and a classic arena version, a fun to play King of the Hill and even a strange race event between Rift Scuttlers. Last but definitely not least, the Sudden Death mode, also known as Nexus Blitz brings the Nexuses to life after 18 minutes, as they march for battle towards the center of the map.

League of Legends players who choose to give this new game mode a chance, will be able to claim one of the many rewards. Turrets and cannon minions get Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab, the Poro King comes to help your team and players can even ride a mighty battle sled into battle. Guardian Angel buffs, friendly shields, heightened regen and enhanced movement speed when out of combat, are also on the menu.

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