NordicBet Esports Review

Who are NordicBet and what do they do? The answer to the question is pretty straightforward.

NordicBet is an online bookmaker that offers a wide variety of traditional sports bets, plenty of casino games, live casino, virtual sports, and live esports betting.

While it doesn’t seem like they excel in one particular aspect, at least according to the usual online betting standards, it does appear that they offer a very well-rounded service, providing something for everyone.

The most important Points:
82 / 100 Points
  • Competitive Esports Odds
  • Mobile App
  • MGA License

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To spice things up a bit, NordicBet esports also have a very generous welcome bonus as well as weekly promotions. You’ll also find some interesting features like the NordicBet Million, a seasonal calendar, casino free spins, and much more.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
NordicBet Review

Strengths & Weaknesses
  • NordicBet is fully licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority
  • Bet on Esports from the NordicBet Mobile App
  • Generous Welcome Offer and Seasonal Promos
  • NordicBet provides its customers with live chat support

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1. Live Esports Betting:

9/10 Points

NordicBet esports provides a solid experience

In terms of live esports betting, NordicBet esports provides a really solid experience. There will be live matches in both sports and esports sections, as well as live casinos.

The esports section is clearly dominated by CS:GO, one of the most popular first-person shooters on the market. You’ll find all the top CS:GO betting tournaments listed here and will almost always have some of the matches listed in the live section.

LoL betting, Dota 2, and Valorant are also there on the list, along with FIFA. Depending on the tournaments and match times, you’ll almost always find something live in the NordicBet esports section.

2. Esports Welcome Offer:

8/10 Points

10 EUR Free Bet

This might be the most important section of our NordicBet review, at least for some of those new live esports betting, and that’s the NordicBet bonus offer.

NordicBet goes straight to the point and offers a free 10 EUR bet when you sign up on their website. No complicated calculations have to be made. Once you register and deposit 10 EUR or more, you’ll instantly be credited your free 10 EUR bet.

While other betting sites might offer high percentages in their offers, you usually have to deposit large sums of money to see some real returns. NordicBet bonus keeps it simple and grants you a free 10 EUR bet straight off the bat as soon as you deposit that exact value.

This offer is extremely good value for new players who want to test the waters first, while existing NordicBet will get more value from the seasonal calendar and other promotions.



3. Payment Methods:

9/10 Points

Should add more cryptocurrency payments

NordicBet esports betting is in a pretty good spot, but the next step could definitely be adding more cryptocurrency payment options.

Right now, NordicBet has several ways of paying, which are: direct bank transfer, Trustly, Skrill, Interac, Neteller, Visa, Mastercard, and Euteller. As you can see, there’s barely any crypto options, but there’s a good chance NordicBet will be adding more soon.

4. Esport Odds:

8/10 Points

There's something for everyone

Now comes the fun part of this NordicBet review – and that’s NordicBet Odds. You already know that NordicBet offers some of the most popular esports titles, but what types of live esports betting odds can be found here?

Well, the standard match and map winner NordicBet odds are here, but there’s also map handicaps, race to X kills, team to destroy the first tower, team to slay first Roshan (Dota 2), and much more.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone. Those of you who enjoy those safe bets, you’ll have them. And those esports betting strategists who get enjoyment from making crazy predictions that come true, you’ll have those as well.

5. Betting Markets:

8/10 Points

CS:GO, LoL, Dota 2, and Valorant included

In terms of live esports betting, we already mentioned the games that are available on NordicBet esports. CS:GO, LoL, Dota 2, and Valorant are pretty much the top titles right now, and NordicBet has them all.

You’ll find all the current esports events listed on their website and you’ll be able to place a bet on all the matches.


NordicBet Esports Betting Odds

6. Security & Legal:

8/10 Points


NordicBet esports is fully licensed and regulated by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and they operate in accordance to all the gambling laws.

This means you’ll be able to bet in a safe environment and won’t have to worry about risking losing any of your personal information or money. NordicBet encourages responsible gaming as well, and they have an entire section of their website dedicated to it.

7. Betting Limits:

8/10 Points

Several countries restricted

As usual, NordicBet’s main limitation for betting is for the player to be 18 years of age. It is completely illegal for anyone under this age limit to create an account or bet on NordicBet’s website.

There’s additional rules for the sportsbook, casinos, and all the other bets on NordicBet, and all of these can be found in the game rules section of their website.

8. Interface & Design:

8/10 Points

NordicBet keeps things simple

This is where NordicBet esports gets a big plus, and that’s the website interface and design.
While other sites try to attract new players with exotic colours and large images that take half the screen, NordicBet keeps things simple and efficient once again. The colours are smooth and it’s very easy to spot all the important information.

The upper midsection has the scrolling images that lead to some more unique parts of the site, such as the million, the seasonal calendar, and other NordicBet bonuses.

9. Customer Service:

8/10 Points

LiveChat, phone, and email

NordicBet’s customer service is top notch. They have all the usual options such as LiveChat, phone, and email. But what’s best is that they keep it all together in their Help Centre section.

Here you’ll find answers to your most commonly asked questions, popular FAQ’s, and even cookie settings information. If you have any problems, you’ll easily find answers here.

10. Special Features:

8/10 Points

Seasonal Calendar and Mobile App

NordicBet esports have quite a few special features, and here we’ll list some of them.

The first one is the Seasonal Calendar. This allows players to have daily offers that will keep things interesting throughout an entire week. And depending on the season, NordicBet can switch and add new content to keep things fresh.

NordicBet app. Yes, NordicBet does have an app for mobile devices so you can play your favourite games no matter where you are. Many other live esports betting sites still don’t have an app, so this gives NordicBet a quite large advantage.

And there’s the NordicBet million, where NordicBet claim they’ll give you a million, but ask whether you’ll be able to keep it. We’ll keep the mystery and let you discover what this is all about.


Final Remarks

82/100 Points

We’ve finally reached the end of our NordicBet review. We’ll quickly summarize all we’ve mentioned so far.

So, NordicBet has a wide variety of sports and NordicBet esports odds, as well as Casinos and other games. They have all the most popular NordicBet esports betting titles with competitive NordicBet odds.

There’s plenty of NordicBet bonuses and promotions to keep things fun, and some other unique features like the Seasonal Calendar and the NordicBet Million.

Overall, it’s a great live esports betting site that deserves a high spot. If you’re new and you’re looking for a new betting site, give this one a try and see how you like it.

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