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Overwatch 2 has power creep issue, players say

Overwatch 2 players have pointed out that the game has a power creep issue. They argue that the introduction of the game’s newest tank, Ramattra, demonstrates that it has this problem.

Live-service games are often plagued by increasing characters’ skill complexity and power creep due to years of constant updates. In traditional games, developers can spend time tweaking and adjusting the gameplay to make every character somewhat balanced. However, live-service games like Overwatch 2 often have newer characters who are much stronger than older characters.

Reddit user StareUpAtTheSun recently posted a thread where he explained his problems with power creep in Overwatch 2. The user said that newer characters are more powerful than older ones due to the complexity of their skill sets. StareUpAtTheSun used Ramattra and Cassidy as examples.

Ramattra has six different skills. His normal attack sends out projectiles while his right click launches a shield. He also has another form called the Nemesis form, which allows him to block attacks. He can also inflict AoE damage and has an ultimate that gives damage over time and reduces enemies’ damage.

Unlike Ramattra, Cassidy has a straightforward kit. His normal attack is an average projectile attack. His right-click attack shoots faster bullets, and he receives a boost in accuracy for his ultimate.

Reddit user stanthetulip created two posters showcasing the characters’ skills. While Ramattra’s page is full of details about his skill set, Cassidy can only do one thing — shooting. The thread has gained major traction, recording over 20,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments. Other players joked that Cassidy had another ability.

“He also has a secondary ability ‘shoot faster’,” Reddit user Gig- said.

Some compared a hypothetical new character’s skill set with older characters to highlight the difference. Other fans expressed their concern regarding the state of Overwatch 2.

“This was my first thought watching Ramrod gameplay. He has just so many more tools at his disposal than all of the older heroes. I am worried they will struggle to find a balance with just how much newer heroes kits have to offer,” Reddit user Czekskii-TTV said.

Meanwhile, other players argued that just because newer heroes are more complex, it does not mean they are more powerful.

Players want Overwatch 1 features back

Overwatch 2 players miss the iconic post-game stat cards and voting features from the original Overwatch. At the end of each match in Overwatch, the game showed the top players and their stats through stat cards. Players could also vote for the best player through the stat cards.

Overwatch 2 players on Reddit discussed the possibility of these features returning. The Reddit thread has garnered over 1,400 upvotes so far. Some theorized that the developers removed the stat cards due to the new Endorse Players feature.

“Yeah, I really miss this. If the enemy team has really good support for example, now all you can do is type in chat and give them props for it,” Reddit user Substantial-Pain596 said.

“It made the game a bit less toxic in my opinion when you could be like ‘Damn, their tank was incredible, gotta vote for them.’ Now it’s just the chat getting filled with ‘Ez lol tank diff you guys suck’.”

Players also want the voting system to return, saying there is no reason to stick around after the match if their team loses. Unfortunately, Blizzard has not shown any interest in reintroducing these features.