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Overwatch 2 Season 2 arrives with new tank Ramattra

Overwatch 2 Season 2 has arrived on all platforms to bring a new map, a new hero and a new Battle Pass containing skins and cosmetics.

Ramattra, the game’s newest tank, will be immediately accessible to Season 2 Battle Pass holders, but free players must wait until level 45 to activate him.

As part of the Season 2 update, other heroes on the lineup gained buffs and nerfs. Doomfist’s cooldowns have been decreased, and his damage output has been increased. Sojourn’s full power railgun shot has also been changed. It can no longer one-shot a hero with 200 HP.

The update also brings Shambali Monastery, a brand new Escort map. Unlike Ramattra, the new map will be in rotation for all players, allowing them to test it out in a custom game before it appears in ranked.

The Season 2 Battle Pass has 80 tiers, which include nine hero skins, emotes, highlight intros, voice lines and other items. The paid version of the battle pass costs 1,000 Coins, or about $10.

The season is themed around Greek mythology, and the paid version of the Battle Pass includes the Zeus Junker Queen skin, Poseidon Ramattra skin and Hades Pharah skin. Blizzard has also hinted at a later-season Battle for Olympus event with more Greek-inspired skins for sale.

Details of hero updates

The Traveling Monk Ramattra is Overwatch’s first “tempo tank,” who can perform long-range attacks and generate shields for friendly teammates in his Omnic form.

Ramattra can morph into his Nemesis form, which allows him to perform high-damage, close-range attacks as an offensive tank. He can switch between two forms depending on what his teammates require.

The developer said they had made several changes to Doomfist to boost his presence as a disruptive brawler-style tank. The buff to his passive ability allows him to stay in the fight for a more extended period, especially if he is striking multiple enemies with his powers.

Power Block and Meteor Strike have been adjusted to increase the availability of Empowered Rocket Punch. Because Empowered Rocket Punch is becoming more common, its stun duration and size have been reduced slightly to alleviate some of the frustration associated with playing against it.

Junker Queen’s primary tanking tool is Commanding Shout. Blizzard said it planned to tune it as the extra survivability it provides her team proved too powerful.

Blizzard has also tampered with Bastion, whose ultimate allowed enemy players to come out alive if they reacted quickly. The company lowered the amount of warning time and the amount of explosion damage to increase Bastion’s accuracy in dealing damage.

Blizzard claimed that Sojourn performs well at the highest levels of competitive play but incredibly badly at lower levels. Much of the perception that she is too strong appears to be driven by her response to dying to long-range, charged headshots from her Railgun secondary fire.

The most noticeable change is a lower critical multiplier for headshots. Blizzard has increased the damage of Sojourn’s fire and the speed with which her energy charges.