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Riot Games reveals new Prestige Empyrean K’Sante skin by Lil Nas X

Riot Games officially revealed a new Prestige futuristic Empyrean skin for League of Legends’ upcoming champion, K’Sante, designed by Grammy-winning rapper and vocalist Lil Nas X.

The Prestige Empyrean K’Sante skin includes K’Sante’s Ntofo melee weapons in a purple and gold color scheme and will be available from November 3 to November 14 in Patch 12.21, just days before the Worlds 2022 finals.

The skin is unique because it is the first time in LoL history that two artists collaborated on one skin. Riot Games’ lead concept artist, Thomas “Hylia” Randby, expressed excitement about collaborations, saying, “We’re definitely very excited by the potential of future collaborations.”

“And we want to be coming at them from the angle of what best suits the product and the player experience and making sure that they sort of form organically,” Randby said.

K’Sante’s Prestige Empyrean skin

K’Sante’s Prestige skin adss a deep purple, vibrant pink and futuristic neon look to the champion’s original design. He is surrounded by pink butterflies and dressed in a fabulous outfit befitting a Nazumah hero.

“K’Sante’s always been a trailblazer on the fashion circuit, and this year he definitely wants to make the audience sweat. With his crystal-laden drip and flawless makeup, he’s about to light a fire under this Gala,” his skin description reads.

The design seems to be inspired by Nas’s personal taste, which can be seen from the artwork for his most recent album, Montero, and the butterfly tattoo on his neck. Nas has used the symbol “Halo Butterflies” in many different aspects of his career.

“Everyone was so passionate, so easygoing and so forthcoming with their ideas,” Randby said. “Nas himself was really excited by the character and had a lot of ideas on how to style him for the skin’s interpretation.”

Randby added that the team wanted to emphasize vibrancy and experiment with pastel iridescence in his clothing and abilities to capture Nas’s surrealist, dream-like aesthetic.

“The team was interested in a subtle afro-futurist look to pay homage to K’Sante’s West African inspirations,” said Randby.

How to obtain K’Sante Prestige Empyrean skin

The game’s new top-lane tank skin, Prestige Empyrean, will not be available for direct purchase. Players must earn 2,000 Worlds tokens by playing Teamfight Tactics or League of Legends during the event. The skin will be available in the in-game event shop.

By completing in-game missions, players can continue to earn Worlds 2022 tokens. Those who do not buy the event pass may not have enough tokens to obtain the Prestige Empyrean K’Sante skin. The skin is unlikely to be added to the Mythic shop anytime soon.

K’Sante abilities in LoL

The tank has the passive ability Dauntless Instinct. His destructive abilities detect enemies who have been hit for a short period of time. He can attack a marked foe to deal damage-plus-maximum-health physical damage.

He also has Q: Ntofo Strikes, which deal physical damage in a small area around him and temporarily slow-hit targets when he slams his weapon. If an enemy is hit, K’Sante gains a stack for a limited time. He fires a shockwave that pulls enemies with two stacks. Aside from those, K’sante has the abilities W: Path Maker, E: Footwork and R: All Out.