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Riot temporarily disables newly reworked Champion Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol, the newly reworked Champion in League of Legends, has been taken offline from the live servers for the time being due to several “in-game issues.”

Riot Games is working on a fix, and the champion is currently unplayable, as announced through the League client. If a player logs into League before the bugs have been fixed, they will not be able to select Aurelion Sol for a ranked or normal game.

League bug-hunter Vandiril demonstrated in a video released recently a bug that let Aurelion Sol perform his ultimate ability, Falling Star, even when it was on cooldown, through Astral Flight (W).

Vandiril also discovered another bug that allowed Aurelion Sol to use Singularity (E) while it was still on cooldown, allowing him to do so unintentionally even while in Astral Flight.

Given that Aurelion Sol’s E is the sole ability in his arsenal that deals damage over time, this issue effectively marks players with the damage they took from standing in his E even if they moved out of its radius.

Vandiril’s second video depicted an Aurelion Sol player who had bought Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. When combined with the eternal harm, the affected players were perpetually slowed.

Vandiril also found that Aurelion Sol’s W doesn’t play nice with some walls. The champion’s W usually directs him toward the nearest place to fly to that retains his destination on Summoner’s Rift while attempting to go into a portion of the map that would send players careening off the map.

However, if the ability is canceled mid-cast, it becomes ineffective for the game’s duration, even after respawning. Players afflicted by this issue become a direct liability to the team.

Fortunately, the areas where this bug manifests itself are relatively small. However, this could be triggered by a player trying to quickly flee a poor scenario in one of the alcoves on either side of the top or bottom lane.

More Aurelion Sol bugs

Vandiril wasn’t the only one that discovered bugs in Aurelion Sol. Hextech Lab, a YouTuber, observed a peculiar issue with Viego, the Ruined King, after capturing Aurelion Sol’s body.

Viego can cast Aurelion Sol’s W as he is about to shed his Aurelion Sol form, allowing him to continue moving and soaring over walls without being Aurelion Sol.

The addition of the interaction between Aurelion Sol and Viego’s Q only makes matters worse. As there is no cooldown on Aurelion Sol’s Q ability, Viego can engage in a series of insane drive-bys without stopping his momentum.

Aurelion Sol’s W bug does not end there. This champion’s most recent game-changing glitch allows him to unleash his ultimate every time he uses W.

Twitter user Hawolt noticed that throwing players’ ultimate in the initial frames of Aurelion Sol’s W ignores the ability’s cooldown, essentially making his ultimate’s cooldown the same as his W’s.

Aurelion Sol has fallen victim to a bug that affects new releases and reworks. Usually, Riot responds quickly to these issues, which should allow players who use the champion to return to the Rift within the next couple of hours.