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Scump still CoD’s GOAT, Nadeshot says

Former OpTic Gaming player Matthew “Nadeshot” Hagg said in a recent episode of the 100 Thieves Cast podcast that Seth “Scump” Abner was still the GOAT of Call of Duty despite his retirement.

Scump announced his retirement in the middle of a Modern Warfare 2 season. His decision triggered a debate about who the GOAT of CoD is.

For Nadeshot and most in the community, Scump remains the GOAT because he has left a more significant impact and impression on competitive Call of Duty than any other recent player.

“The greatest Call of Duty player of all time. Scump has had more impact on the success & growth of competitive Call of Duty than any other player to date & is one of the reasons why so many players & staff get to work in this industry that we all love so much. Love you, brother,” Nadeshot later reiterated on Twitter.

Scump and Nadeshot had teamed up for three full seasons and made appearances in other CoD competitions. Throughout their time as professional players, they became two of the best in the game’s history. During his time with OpTic, the community referred to Scump as “The King,” in and out of the game.

“From playing with and against him a few times, the impact he has on a map, and how hard it is to kill him, I think Scump is the best and most talented player of all time,” Nadeshot said.

Other candidates for CoD GOAT

Many fans have expressed that many players other than Scump can claim the GOAT title. Notable mentions include Ian “Crimsix” Porter, Damon “Karma” Barlow, Matt “FormaL” Piper and James “Clayster” Eubanks.

Nadeshot also mentioned several other players that he thought had the potential to be on CoD’s roster of best players. Nadeshot said McArthur “Cellium” Jovel could be one of the greatest players in the community. He is the winner of the Call of Duty League Championship 2021 and currently playing for Atlanta FaZe.

Nadeshot mentioned two other players from FaZe Clan who had the potential to be the GOAT, Chris “Simp” Lehr and Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris. The two, known as the “Tiny Terrors,” are considered among the most formidable duos in Call of Duty history. They played alongside Cellium in the 2021 league championship.

Karma and FormaL have also managed to make themselves known as candidates for the GOAT title. However, while Nadeshot acknowledged their abilities, he believed they were still not on par with Scump.

Clayster from the Las Vegas Legion was another name Nadeshot thought could claim the title. He has won three World Championships and has 19 major victories under his belt. Before playing for the Legion, he played for OpTic in 2014 and the FaZe in 2017.

Scump’s potential successor as GOAT from OpTic

OpTic has always been one of the most prominent esports organizations, especially in the CoD community. As said by esports journalist Scott Duwe, OpTic tends to attract more viewership on any CoD event when they are playing. They have a dedicated fan base called the Green Wall.

Duwe said that Scump’s replacement as the GOAT of CoD could be someone from OpTic, with Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro being the potential candidate. Duwe said Scump had mentored Shotzzy, having played together for several years and competed together on OpTic Texas.