Team Fortress 2 Gambling Guide | All you need to know

Team Fortress 2 was one of the most anticipated games of the decade, a sequel to the popular game released by Valve. At the moment the game hit the stores, the esports betting industry was surging and most bookmakers had entire sections dedicated to video games. Given its immense fan base, TF2 gambling soon followed, as people were trying to enjoy the best of both worlds by playing and betting.


In the end, the sheer nature of its gameplay made it unsuitable for professional gaming events, such as those reserved to MOBAs, strategy games and shooters. TF2 gambling sites had to walk down a different path, with players gambling skins and other in-game items that have monetary value. The goal of Team Fortress 2 betting is the same, as players try to make a profit by taking calculated chances.

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How does Team Fortress 2 Gambling Work?

There are several types of TF2 gambling, but three of them stand out from the crowd. Spycrabbing, craft gambling and Halloween gambling are the ones offered by most of the TF2 gambling sites. Traditional esports bookmakers were reluctant to embrace Team Fortress 2 betting, especially after Valve decided to take action against some bad actors. At the time of writing, these three types of Team Fortress 2 gambling described below are the best choices for casual and veteran punters.


The easiest and most popular form of TF2 gambling, spycrabbing has players putting forward items of similar value. The game then proceeds with normal scoring for 2v2 or 3v3 or 4v4 spycrabs and it all ends with three spycrabs loses. It is possible for players to gather around the larger groups of as many as 24 people but in these cases, a single spycrab is enough to take you out. The system works as long as the TF2 gambling sites running it are honest and those involved have a trusted middleman.

Team Fortress 2 betting isn’t that different from other types of gambling and there can always be disgruntled players. That’s why it pays off to have a third-party watching the spycrab as a witness, just in case the two participants disagree. Another thing that players must pay attention to is that the number of taunts is even, so it is essential for punters to taunt in a quick succession or simultaneously.

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Craft Gambling

TF2 gambling sites frequently offer Team Fortress 2 fans the possibility of betting through craft gambling. The process is straightforward, as three players with three refined begin by picking three distinct classes. They use the three refined to craft a hat, which is given to the one whose class matches the hat. When choosing this type of Team Fortress 2 betting, players organize a raffle that decides who picks first, second and who crafts the three refined. To ensure fairness, it is once again recommended to have a witness, if betting doesn’t take place on one of the TF2 gambling sites that have observers.

Halloween Gambling

Another popular type of TF2 gambling that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years goes by the name of Halloween gambling. It bears many similarities to spycrabbing and it involves two soldiers doing grenade taunts. The outcome of this Team Fortress 2 betting is decided when one of the players gets to three grenade taunts and loses the round. Participants put forward an item of value and after the Team Fortress 2 gambling round concludes, the winner gets everything.

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