2018 KSL Season 2 Quarterfinals Matches » Betting Tips

The group stage of the Korean StarCraft League has finally ended and it has produced some of the most amazing games in the history of this tournament. All the main favorites have advanced to the quarterfinals, which are scheduled to start tomorrow. Betway and Bet-at-home cover all these matches and players can already bet on several markets on each of them.

Terran players have dominated the initial stage of the competition, with half of the ones qualified for the decisive stage playing this race. At the opposite end of the spectrum are Protoss players, with all but one of them being eliminated. Rain is the only one still standing, but also the main favorite to win the 2018 KSL Season 2 and he will be joined in the quarterfinals by two Zerg players.


Rain is the Overwhelming Favourite Against Leta

Without a doubt, the most lopsided match of the entire tournament so far, is the quarterfinal between Rain and Leta. The Protoss player is expected to sweep the Terran in the quarterfinals, after winning six matches in the group stage and losing just one. ArcaneBet offers insignificant odds of 1/20 on the main favourite to prevail, while those who bet on the underdog to cause a surprise enjoy odds of 6/1.

Last Gears Up for an Easy Match Against Where

Last had no problem whatsoever in winning Group D, where he lost a single match against Zerg player Modesty. He is unlikely to drop more than one match in the best-of-five series against Where, who finished second in Group A. He was lucky to even qualify and GG.bet is willing to offer odds of 9/2 on him to cause another upset, while Last is only given odds of 1/10.

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Larva and Soulkey Meet in an All-Zerg Duel

One of the two mirror-matches of the quarterfinals is the one between Larva and Soulkey, arguably the best Zerg in this Korean StarCraft League. Larva won both games in Group C and finished first, while his opponent had to settle for the second place in Group B. However, the head to head record indicates a highly contested series, as reflected by the identical odds of 9/20 offered by Esportsbetting.com.

Sharp and Mind Play the Terran Mirror Match

Considered by many as the least exciting of all mirror matches, the all-Terran quarterfinal between Sharp and Mind, shows a lot of promise. Mind won his group with a nearly perfect record, but he hasn’t played against a Terran player in this competition. Meanwhile, Sharp was at the receiving end of one of the most amazing plays at the 2018 KSL Season 2, but still won the series against Movie. Now, punters who bet on his victory get odds of Rivalry 9/20, while his opponent is narrow favourite at 9/10.

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