2018 KSL Soulkey vs Sharp Final » Betting Predictions

The final act of the Korea StarCraft League Season 2 will unfold on December 1. The two finalists are players who had to overcome a lot of adversity throughout the tournament and cause several upsets. Both were big underdogs in the semifinals, but managed to beat the odds and on Sunday will fight for a first-place worth $27,000. The runner-up will have to settle for $9000, so there is plenty to fight for in the last truly important StarCraft match of 2018.


Soulkey is the favorite to lift the trophy, as reflected by the odds of 3/10 offered by bet-at-home, after defeating Last in the semifinals. Even though the Zerg player was the underdog in the series, he was able to sweep his opponent and advanced to the final in just four games. It was a dazzling performance of skill that came to confirm his equally impressive match in the quarterfinals against Larva. This will be the first time since the group stage has ended when Soulkey will be favourite to win the series.

Punters can take a leap of faith with Sharp and enjoy odds of 23/10 at Betway, which is exceptional value for the talented Terran player. This is the same guy that has defeated the main Korea StarCraft League Season 2 favourite in the semi final. Rain was the only Protoss player still in the race, but the one that everybody regarded as the most likely to win the tournament. Sharp won the first three games and was on the verge of allowing his opponent to cause an incredible comeback. Rain prevailed in three matches before ultimately being defeated in the seventh game of a highly contested series.

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Place your bets on Ting Open Season 5

In anticipation of the Korea StarCraft League Season 2 finals, punters can bet on the group stage games of the Ting Open Season 5. It brings together 32 players divided into eight identical groups and half of the pack will advance to the main event. At the time of writing, many of the games are lopsided, so bettors shouldn’t expect spectacular odds. Arcanebet dedicate ample coverage of this tournament, so until the end of the week StarCraft fans can bet on the first phase of the competition.

We will keep you up-to-date with the odds and results, since the most exciting matches are scheduled for next week. This is when the second group stage starts, when the surviving 16 players will try to secure a place in the playoffs. The tournament will be played in a double elimination best-of-five format, while in the quarterfinals and semi finals the series are extended to five, respectively seven games. The first prize is $1200 and the winner receives half of the amount, with the next two players collecting $400 and $200.

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