Cyber.Bet Pushes the Boundaries of NBA 2k20 Betting

Being a one-trick-pony is rarely a good thing unless you are extremely good at what you do and your area of expertise is a burgeoning niche. Cyber.Bet have checked all the important boxes when they decided to focus exclusively on esports. This is a place where punters can bet on all the important videogame competitions, both pregame and live.


This year, things will change from good to better, especially for NBA 2k20 fans. Cyber.Bet will be running live bets on Twitch streamers competing on this popular basketball simulator.

Discover an Alternate Type of Betting

NBA 2k20 is an obvious choice for esports punters with a passion for basketball. Many have subscribed to YouTube and Twitch channels where they can watch the best players perform and comment on their games.

Cyber.Bet will take things to the next level and will be providing fans with the opportunity to bet on their Internet idols. Betting on Twitch streamers is a relatively new concept and one that is yet to reach its full potential.


Cyber.Bet is ready to provide its members with a straightforward and fun way to bet on streamers. Their risk department will be providing fair odds directly to the live stream. Those watching can either stick to their routine or place a bet and make things more exciting.

Cyber.Bet chose to test the system on NBA 2k20 first and it worked brilliantly, so the basketball simulator will be the lucky recipient of this new service. Other solo games will be added in a not so distant future, with FIFA and Fortnite being the next in line.

Check out the NBA 2K20 Global Championship

Cyber.Bet is happy to innovate and provide its players with new betting options all the time. At the same time, the esportsbook remains committed to fulfill the needs and expectations of conservative punters.

NBA 2k20 fans who would rather bet on the classic matches have something to look forward to in 2020. The NBA 2K20 Global Championship has regional events in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and America regions, with a bigger than ever guaranteed prize pool.


In anticipation of major events, NBA 2K20 fans can watch their favorite Twitch streamers play the game. At Cyber.Bet, they can turn the heat up a notch and make these broadcasts more exciting by placing a bet. As more games will be added in the foreseeable future, the betting opportunities will get more numerous.

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