The 6th Edition of the European Masters 2020 Summer Starts on August 17th

The most important regional League of Legends tournaments are in recess, after the regular season has ended. In anticipation of the playoffs scheduled to begin at the end of the month, fans of the popular MOBA can watch the European Masters 2020 Summer. The main event starts on August 24, but the play-in stage is scheduled to begin at the end of the week. On August 17, the three qualifiers for the group stage will start and there will be more than a dozen matches per day to bet on.

European Masters 2020 Summer Format

The sixth edition of the European League of Legends semi-professional tournament will bring together teams from most European countries. 16 teams will participate in the group stage and they will be split into four identical groups, with matches being played in a best of one system. The top two will advance to the knockout stage where group winners will play against runners-up. During this stage of the event, the winners will be decided at the end of best-of-three series, so luck will play a smaller part.


LoL Esports

When the main event begins on August 17, qualified and invited teams will once again be drawn into four identical groups based on their seeding. The fact that there can’t be more than a team from each region drafted in a group is aimed at enhancing the spirit of competition. The fans will support players from their countries as they try to make a deep run in the European Masters 2020 Summer tournament. Only the finals will be played in a best-of-five format, with the winners expected to claim €40,000.

Gear Up for the EU Masters with the Summer Play-In

The most anticipated matches are those played in the main event, but the European Masters 2020 Summer play-in stage won’t leave much to be desired either. Baltic countries have plenty of representatives at this tournament and they will compete in Groups C and D. Dutch League of Legends teams have made significant progress in recent years and the most successful representative will play in Group A. Some spots are still open for NLC, EBL and LFL teams who are yet to lock in a place at the main event.

EU Masters Favourites and Prizes

Last season, the European Masters had a guaranteed prize pool of €150,000 and it is expected to award just as much money during the summer split. As stated above, winners will claim €40,000, while the runner-up will have to settle for €25,000. The teams in the third and fourth place will receive €13,500 each, while the next four will be compensated with an €8000 paycheck.

The previous tournament was won by LDLC OL who brilliantly rebounded after a slow season start and defeated KICK Neosurf in the final. AGO Rogue and Movistar Riders were defeated in the semifinals, but they are among the favorites and can’t be underestimated when the European Masters 2020 Summer starts.

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