Bet on the Overwatch Worlds 2019 Main Event this Weekend

The Overwatch season is about to conclude, with the last and most important tournament taking place this weekend.

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Blizzard has big plans for this year’s edition of the Overwatch Worlds, which once again will take place in Anaheim during the Blizzcon. The tournament will have a similar format and slightly bigger prizes than in the previous years, with the exact amounts and prize distribution yet to be announced.

South Korea will travel to California ready to defend the three consecutive trophies, while China, the United States, Canada and France are their most serious contenders.

Game fans and punters will be able to bet on the preliminaries and also place Overwatch Worlds 2019 live bets on the main event. This includes the group stage matches and the playoffs, where games are played in best-of-five series.

30 Nations Compete for Five Eligible Places

The Overwatch Worlds 2019 top seeds are already known, with the United States, France and South Korea playing in Group A. China and Canada were assigned to Group B and the remaining five places in both groups will be determined at the end of the national qualifiers. There are 30 nations chasing these elusive places and a chance to prove their quality against the best teams in the world.

Finland, Sweden and Russia stand out from the crowd as the strongest nations in the preliminaries. Unless their paths cross during this stage of the competition, they should be able to reach the group stage. Friday is going to be a busy day for Overwatch fans, as dozens of matches will be scheduled in a fast succession. Leading bookmakers will do their best to provide the odds in a timely fashion, for punters to get involved.

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South Korea Likely to Dominate the World Stage Again

The best Overwatch Worlds 2019 live betting opportunities will be available during the main event, when the group stage matches begin. The five teams that have received direct qualification to the tournament are expected to crush their opponents who have made it this far through qualifiers.

The most exciting matches will be the ones played among themselves, as most of these teams are evenly matched.

South Korea is the exception to the rule, as the Asian nation has won all three tournaments hosted so far by Blizzard. In 2018, they were able to win the competition without dropping a match and they are once again credited with the first chance. The odds are likely to reflect the difference between South Korea and its opponents.

Overwatch Worlds 2019 live betting (read our Overwatch Live Esports Betting Guide) will provide punters with a better way of extracting value from their matches, especially if they start the games on the wrong foot.

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The United States and France Fight for Second Place

Being assigned to Group A, next to South Korea, means that France and the United States will likely compete for the second place. The runners up and the team in the third-place will go through the quarterfinals, but seeding is important. The team that finishes in the second place will likely avoid China or Canada, and instead will have to play against a team from the qualifiers. This will greatly improve the odds of reaching the semifinals, so the stakes are as high as they get.

The best Overwatch Worlds 2019 live betting opportunities will be available to punters when France and the United States play against each other. We believe that the US currently has a much stronger team, with three San Francisco Shock players in its starting formation.

Punters should consider betting in advance on their match against France, while keeping an eye on the best live esports odds. The Americans have the experience and skill to recover after a slow start, allowing punters to cash in on better value.

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France is definitely not a pushover, even without Benjamin Chevasson, who is no longer with the team. They have plenty of great players from the Overwatch League and under the right circumstances they could cause big upsets.

Punters should take advantage of the best betting offers for Overwatch Worlds at leading bookmakers such as Arcanebet and Betway and use bonuses to bet on the underdogs. France has never finished above fourth place at the Overwatch Worlds, but should survive the group stage.

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Slight Edge for Canada over China

Group B teams can be happy to have avoided South Korea and instead play against three qualifiers. China and Canada are towering high above any of the teams that will join them from the preliminary round. The real challenge is to secure first place and direct access to the semifinals, but second place isn’t terribly inconvenient.

Punters will have a hard time finding satisfying odds when these two teams play against the qualifiers, but the direct matches promise to be explosive.

We believe that Canada has a slight edge over China, in spite of the fact that the Asian country has reached the final last year. Since this is the most exciting confrontation of Group B, the best Overwatch Worlds 2019 live bets will be available on this game.

The Canadians have a tendency of starting games poorly against top teams, but they have the experience and skills needed to recover. This is the recipe for success for players who know how to take advantage of the best live esports odds.

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The Canadians have a strong fan base and their players will enjoy a lot of support at the Overwatch Worlds 2019. They rely on the same players as last year when they finished third after defeating a strong team from the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the Chinese will rely heavily on players from Chengdu Hunters, a team that has met the high expectations set for them in the Overwatch League.

Punters can already bet on the outright winners can take advantage of the best betting offers for Overwatch Worlds at leading bookmakers. They can back the favorites, gamble with one of the other four seeded teams or even take a leap of faith with teams from the preliminary round. The best betting offers for Overwatch Worlds are also up for grabs to spice things up help them start on the right foot.