Doublelift Faces His Former Squad when Team Liquid Takes on Team SoloMid

Team Liquid and TSM are the most dominant squads in LCS history and the teams that used to play most of the finals. During the Spring and Summer Splits of 2020 they played second fiddle to Cloud 9, the team that pundits expected to dominate the season. Back-to-back defeats to FlyQuest and TSM sent them packing early, with the stage set for an epic match between TL and TSM. The winners will advance to the grand final where FlyQuest are waiting to win their first Split, before they go to represent the LCS to the Worlds.

Team Liquid Bows to FlyQuest in Thrilling Semifinal

TL lost to FlyQuest in a memorable semifinal that was extremely close and could’ve gone either way. The two teams have alternated victories and defeats, but FlyQuest emerged victorious after an impressive performance in game five. WildTurtle’s resurgence continued in the decisive match and the ADC did precisely what was expected from a carry player. He was their best player and the inspirational leader that the team needed to prevail against a more experienced opponent.

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Team Liquid were favorites coming in the series, just like they are against Team SoloMid, a team they have comprehensively defeated in recent years. Team fights were extremely close and often decided by the inspiration of the ADC players and midlaners. FlyQuest played the map better and were able to secure objectives, whereas TL found themselves often on the back foot, trying to react. If they defeat their archrivals on Friday evening, they will have a chance to avenge the semi-final defeat on Sunday.

Team Liquid vs. Team SoloMid Match Predictions

Team Liquid vs. Team SoloMid is perhaps the most anticipated match of the playoffs, given the extraordinary rivalry between the two teams. Doubelift plays for TSM now after making history for TL and this will only spice up the series. His new team had to overcome a lot of adversity and TSM was on the verge of elimination after losing 5 back-to-back games to Golden Guardians. The reverse sweep was remarkable and the experienced ADC was behind some of the most important plays.

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GG.bet offers tempting odds of 11/20 on Team Liquid to extend their winning streak to seven consecutive matches. Tactical’s performance against FlyQuest was remarkable, in spite of his team eventually losing the match and he’s expected to carry again. Scoring another quadra-kill is unlikely, but Unikrn offers odds of 1/1 on TL to kill four players in a quick succession and 23/10 on TSM to achieve the same thing. We like the odds of 7/5 offered by Buff.bet on Team SoloMid to cause an upset and defeat their rivals.

The Time has Come for FlyQuest to Win it All

The LCS playoffs bracket might shock anyone who didn’t follow the matches, with Cloud 9 eliminated and FlyQuest in the final. Even the fact that TSM and TL were both defeated in the playoffs might be surprising, given their dominance over the years.

FlyQuest was the dark horse at the beginning of the season, but the team showed extraordinary resilience and talent during the Spring Split. It is no coincidence that they’ve made it this far and defeated some of the best LCS teams down the road.

Regardless of who qualifies to the grand final, it is likely that Buff.bet, GG.bet and Unikrn will give FlyQuest the second chance. We strongly believe that this would be a mistake because this team grew a lot in 2020 and is on the verge of reaching its full potential.

Tactical and Doublelift can give Wildturtle a run for his money and the battle will be fierce on the mid-lane as well. Bjergsen and Jensen are strong players, but the PowerofEvil cannot be undone and this remarkable player will carry his team.