Teams to Watch this Weekend in the League of Legends European Championship

The natural order of the League of Legends European Championship was broken two weeks ago when G2 Esports lost their first match this season. At the time, Schalke 04 were already in dire straits, having lost back-to-back games and since then, things took a turn for the worse. This weekend is extremely interesting for the fans of the most popular MOBA as well as punters betting on the LEC. Four teams stand out from the crowd when betting on the LEC and you can watch all their matches on Twitch:

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G2 Esports and Schalke 04 Try to End the Slide on Friday

G2 looked invincible at the beginning of February, but their defeat to Origen has opened Pandora’s box. They’ve lost another game and allowed Team Vitality and Splyce to close the gap and climb on the podium. Now they will face them both on Friday and Saturday, in the first and last matches of this round of the League of Legends European Championship. Betway offers odds of 3/10 on G2 to defeat Splyce on Friday and 1/2 on them to prevail against the runners up Team Vitality on Saturday. Those who bet on the underdog can expect odds of 5/2 on Splyce and 3/2 on Team Vitality which are surely tempting.

Schalke 04 are arguably the team in the worst form, after winning just one of the last six matches and they fell into the fifth place. On Friday, they are regarded as favourites by ArcaneBet against exceL and get odds of 3/10, but the big match is the one scheduled for Saturday. They are underdogs against Misfits, a team that has started the season terribly, but has regained its footing in February. Punters should consider a bet on the reeling Schalke 04 at odds of 11/10 instead of betting on Misfits at only 7/10.

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Fnatic and Origen Return into the LEC Spotlight

Fnatic was the best European League of Legends team last season and has played in the final against the eventual World Champions, Invictus. After a dreadful season start, they are back on track and are within striking distance of the podium. They played the most difficult match on Friday against Misfits, but they are still clear favourites, according to the odds of 3/5 offered by Rivalry. On Saturday evening, they play the most lopsided match of this round against exceL and punters can only expect odds of 1/5 of their win.

Origen was the team that actually started the G2 unraveling with its stunning victory two weeks ago and it is now tied with Splyce for the third place. Given their opponents’ difficult schedule this weekend, they could claim solitary third place if they defeat SK Gaming and Rogue. Pinnacle offers odds of 1/2 on their victory over SK Gaming in the Friday match and dramatically lowers the odds to 1/5 against Rogue.

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