Amazon’s Twitch Welcomes Ninja Back with Open Arms

Ninja’s recent adventure with Mixer ended abruptly as Microsoft’s platform was terminated before it got the chance to shine. The project isn’t dead and will continue under the Facebook Gaming umbrella, but the original concept was dismantled. The same goes for the exclusive deal that Tyler Blevins had with the newly formed company, but there was no lack of interest for the famous streamer. Eventually, he chose to end the rumors of him choosing Facebook or Google and he returned to his first love: Amazon’s Twitch.


Twitch Welcomes Ninja Back Home

Ninja is the most successful streamer on Twitch and his departure came as a blow for the platform, who was bleeding talent at the time. The fact that he returns to what has been home for many years comes as no surprise given his immense fan base on this platform. With more than 15 million followers, Tyler is a celebrity among streamers and one of the best paying in this line of work. In addition to raking huge sums from subscriptions, he also has lucrative deals with Red Bull and Adidas, so money is not of the essence.

In his interview with CNN business he said that he and his team have explored on the available options before deciding that he’ll be better off returning to Twitch. He was welcomed with open arms instead of leaving last summer for a contract with Mixer that was estimated to be north of $20 million. Unlike other streamers who were left virtually homeless after their contracts were terminated abruptly, Ninja would always find a home in Twitch. Before returning to the platform that made him famous, he had a brief stint with YouTube which fuel further speculations among his final destination.


Twitch Consolidates its Position as Market Leader

2020 seems to be the year of Amazon and its live streaming company is also thriving. Twitch benefits greatly from bringing back Ninja, after many people expressed their concern last year about the platform losing its best performers. Google and Facebook pose a serious challenge, but for the time being their position as market leader is uncontested. Tyler is very preoccupied about the direction in which his career is heading, therefore very careful when choosing his partners. The fact that he chose Twitch indicates his trust in the platform’s ability to fulfill his expectations for the near and distant future.

Famous streamers draw large crowds, but they also serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring ones. That’s why, Ninja’s decision to return to Twitch is expected to encourage other streamers to migrate to the platforms in the weeks to come. For the time being, Tyler Blevins is back in action and he just had his first live stream on Thursday, while Twitch celebrated is his return.