Riot Games Hosts the Valorant Twitch Rivals Event this Weekend

Valorant is Riot Games’ latest game, a tactical shooter that is expected to become the company’s second most successful product after League of Legends. The game has been aggressively promoted across streaming platforms and it has generated a lot of traction online. This weekend, the Valorant Twitch Rivals tournaments will set another important milestone, as it should showcase the quality of the game.

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Get ready for the Valorant Launch Showdown

The Valorant Twitch Rivals tournament will precede the event scheduled for Tuesday, when the game will be officially released. In anticipation of this significant moment, Riot Games has announced a tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $200,000. Players from various regions will compete for a share of the money, in a tournament that runs simultaneously with the Twitch Summer Games Fest event.

Twitch fans have their hands full this weekend, with the Valorant Launch Showdown starting on June 5 and concluding three days later. Those who want to watch the games as they unfold should head on to the newly created gaming and esports information channel. Here, visitors will get up to speed with the latest games, news and special events. Twitch streamers will share their original content across this channel, while viewers will also enjoy exclusive interviews.valorant-twitch-rivals

What is the Valorant Twitch Rivals Tournament?

Riot Game’s 5v5 character-based tactical shooter has exceeded all expectations for its close beta. The partnership between the game developer and the streaming platform will culminate with the Valorant Twitch Rivals event. This is the first set of competitive events for the new game and a taste of what’s to come. The tournament will involve players from all the important regions, with participants from North and South America, Korea, Europe and Japan.

With a guaranteed prize pool of $200,000, the Valorant Twitch Rivals will bring together the best players in the world. In the weeks and days preceding the event, Twitch fans have had the opportunity to see just how good these players are. There is already a gap between good and exceptional players, one that is only likely to expand in the months to come. For esports betting fans this tournament provides the perfect opportunity to get the heads up about the best players to make educated decisions in the future.

You can watch all the Valorant Twitch Rivals games live on Twitch: