Twitch streamer iiTzTimmy criticizes content creator over YouTube video inclusion

Red Bull Gaming member and Twitch streamer Timmy “iiTzTimmy” An recently criticized the YouTube channel Think Before You Sleep for posting clips of himself that were taken out of contex. In a social media thread, he emphasized that he disagreed with what Think Before You Sleep said in the video.

As part of his year-long subathon, Timmy made it into the Top 10 Twitch streamers this month, proving he has staying power beyond his crazy challenge streams. The streamer has gathered support for standing up to the rampant misogyny that is prevalent in the online gaming communities. In response to a video by Think Before You Sleep, Timmy emphasized that he did not share the YouTuber’s ideals.

“My clips were taken out of context in a video that invalidates the experiences women go through in the gaming space,” Timmy said. “I do not agree with any of the ideals portrayed in this video at all and believe we as a community should continue to do better.”

In response, Think Before You Sleep said, “So iiTzTimmy shouted out my competitive gaming video. That’s fine I guess but I don’t appreciate being framed as evil or unwelcoming because I have a difference of opinion. I never said women weren’t allowed to be in the gaming space. Hasan lied and said I said that.”

Timmy voices his disagreement on social media

Timmy was included in a 38-minute video titled “How Feminist Ideas Make Everyone Weak” by Think Before You Sleep on March 15. In response, he said that the video did not really portray him in a bad light. However, he felt it was imperative to acknowledge and welcome women in gaming communities since they belong too.

“Although the video doesn’t necessarily shed me in a bad light, I believe it is still important to speak up and continue to create a space that welcomes women,” he said in a follow-up tweet.

Timothy received a lot of supportive comments. However, there were also some fans of Think Before You Sleep who were adamant that people did not watch the YouTube video completely. The video argues that women are harassed in video games as “part of the natural order of the world”. People have expressed their support for Timmy’s tweet, drawing attention to his efforts to improve the online gaming industry.

The streamer received a lot of support for his tweets, with people acknowledging him for his support for women in gaming. The people supporting him include some prominent names such as LilyPichu, Electra, and Jack Septiceye. Many fans also applauded the streamer’s openness and welcoming attitude.

“He has a lot of videos just dedicated to disagreeing with women. I’ve watched a few of them and it’s so hard to get through cause it’s pretty cringe,” said Electra. “Also I’ve ALWAYS seen you be supportive of women in gaming so just know it’s not unnoticed.”

“What an unbearable video,” Jack Septiceye said. “So many red flags everywhere in it. Sorry that happened man.”

“Kinda weird they used ur clips to bend it for their point LOL,” said Natsumiii on Twitter.

Timmy has been the voice of equality in gaming. He said it was important to get rid of sexist beliefs in the gaming industry before they become dangerous. Women often receive harassment in the industry, exampled by the recent case of harassment towards female employees at Activision-Blizzard.