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Twitch streamer Strxyo regrets visiting COD TV

Twitch streamer Jose “Strxyo” Gonzales found himself in an awkward situation on September 11. When he was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. He decided to access its content-sharing hub COD TV. To his surprise, he was greeted with sexual content.

Strxyo was left in great shock and could only say “oh my god” after the embarrassing event transpired live on his stream. The following day, he took to Twitter, thanked everyone who watched his Sunday stream, and gave no specific responses to the event.

“Thank you for a successful stryxo sunday stream, I appreciate it immensely, excited to go live next sunday, and all the next sundays for the forseeable future,” he wrote.

Embarrassing accident

COD: BO 2 was released in 2012 as a second installment to Treyarch’s most-beloved Black Ops series. The decade-old shooter title became immensely popular just two years after its prequel hit the market.

All of the players’ favorite in-game showcases, including clutch play, trick shots, killcam sniper montages, ninja defuses on the search and destroy, and in-game easter eggs were usually shared on YouTube or directly on COD TV at the time. The game’s built-in platform often treats players with all sorts of entertainment.

Ten years after its release, many, including Strxyo, came to wonder what COD: BO 2 and COD TV would look like in 2022 as the game had been experiencing a player count decrease throughout the years.

“What do you think COD TV has been up to? How we doing?” Strxyo asked his viewers before entering the game.

Shortly after logging in to the game, the gaming content creator, who began his career as a gaming commentator on YouTube, was faced with a short buffer as the game loaded up COD TV.

It turned out that one of the featured content on COD TV happened to be NSFW content. Strxyo was shocked since showing such content on a live stream might lead to his account being banned, as Twitch is known for its strict Community Guidelines.

“We restrict content that involves nudity or is sexual in nature, and are committed to ensuring that Twitch is not used for sexual exploitation or violence. To provide more clarity around these policies and how we review reports of such content or activity,” Twitch’s Community Guidelines reads.

Twitch adds that despite the restriction on this type of content, it might introduce several exceptions in the future.

“While we understand that some nudity or sexual content might be intended for educational, scientific, artistic, newsworthy, or academic purposes, we restrict this content due to the diversity in age and cultural backgrounds of our global community,” Twitch continues.

“We may, in limited educational and artistic contexts, make pre-approved exceptions to these policies. Going forward, Twitch will continue working on ways to safely support nudity and sexual content in these particular contexts.”

However, the Amazon-owned live streaming platform is notorious for its controversial Just Chatting category. As the name suggests, it is used for chatting purposes, although some streamers are misusing it to share sexually suggestive content.