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Valorant Players Hindered By A New Bug That Make Guns And Abilities Useless

Since Valorant’s latest update was rolled out, a considerable number of players have been complaining about a new glitch that’s deteriorating all abilities and making weapons unusable.

It’s been less than a week since Riot Games brought out the 2.03 patch for Valorant, introducing a brand new game mode, along with a slew of other updates. Much to the chagrin of the players, it also came with an absurd new bug.


New Valorant Bug Has A Wider Impact

Most issues usually impact either a single ability or a specific Agent, however; the aforesaid glitch had a considerably bigger impact. As a result, players are unable to even take advantage of the game’s basic functions.

This glitch strikes at any time, hitting any Agent. While Riot Games is expected to bring out a fix soon, here’s what you need to be watchful for.

During a competitive match on Ascent, Reddit user EuphoriaJustice was attacked by the bug. The match had come down to a 2v1 situation; they were all taken out of the equation for no reason in particular. They initially struggled with dropping their Bucky for a Vandal on the ground, leading to a disadvantageous situation with the last remaining opponent close to the A-site.

The Bug Impacts Every Agent

Things got worse, however, before the round ended. While looking at an enemy Killjoy, the player said, “I can’t shoot.” Even their abilities stopped working when they backed from the duel. They could neither throw out smoke or Jett with her kit.

While it may seem this is a rare bug that affects Jett only, however, that’s not the case. “It happened to me too,” another player pointed out. Those playing as Breach were not even able to jump.

Several other players shared the same experience. A few of them were unable to shoot, drop weapons, shift, jump, or do anything and this was happening to every Agent. Much to their relief, everything was back to normal in the next round.

Players were once again able to shoot and use their abilities. Details about when it is likely to strike again, and for how long are still scarce, but if the bug makes an appearance during a crucial round, it is likely to cost you a win.

Players are urging Riot Games to fix the issue, however, the game developer hasn’t responded yet. We will keep you posted as soon as a new patch is made available.

Riot introduces new updates to the tactical first-person hero shooter game in a bid to keep players engaged. Earlier this week, reports doing the rounds online suggested the publisher is planning to make major changes to the weapon meta to lure more players from around the world.

Sportskeeda reported that weapons including, Frenzy and Stinger will set you back a pretty penny this time. Aside from that, a myriad of champion characters will be upgraded as well. Reyna is slated to receive balance updates that resemble a nerf. Yoru.

Phoenix and Brimstone, are also expected to undergo some radical overhauls as part of the updates.