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VCS Spring Playoff: GAM defeat SGB 3-1, SGB to represent VCS at MSI 2022

GAM Esports defeated Saigon Buffalo 3-1 in the finals of the VCS Spring Playoffs. GAM will not represent Vietnam at MSI, despite winning the split.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Vietnam Championship Series (VCS) could not send a representative to MSI last year. This year’s Spring Playoffs have the same order as the top four teams from the previous competition. GAM Esports couldn’t be able to attend since the team was not provided with an online format as they were with this year’s LPL tournament.

GAM topped the Regular Split, going 14-0 and only dropping two series out of 30. They deserved to compete in the first international competition, the Mid-Season Invitational, in Busan, South Korea. However, GAM Esports will send their whole Vietnamese team to the SEA Games, which begin two days after MSI on May 12. As a result, Saigon Buffalo will represent the VCS as the second-place team at MSI 2022.

Saigon Buffalo to represent VCS

The VCS’s second team won 56% of its games during the regular split. The team may struggle in Bo1, where they must win every match to move to the next stage.

More than 28% of SGB’s total damage output comes from their ADC, primarily responsible for the team’s success. SGB’s top lane has mainly consisted of carriers, in contrast to most other players this season, which should make things interesting when they face off against some of the finest top laners in the world.

One team was already gone, so Riot Games couldn’t risk losing another. A solid showing for the region is what SGB will be hoping for, despite their 3-1 defeat in the finals by GAM Esports.

Key changes for MSI 2022

Riot has announced possible changes for the next patch, 12.8, as the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) approaches in Busan. Patch 12.8 will be the official version of the game that pros will play in Korea.

Riot has made significant improvements to shake up a stale meta, unlike the first few months.

First, some of the mage champions, both in the jungle and mid-lane, have received buffs. Zoe, Kassadin, Xerath, Vel’koz, Sylas, and Fiddlesticks have gotten significant buffs.

Following last year’s champion nerfs, Zoe has gone from the meta. Her popularity was limited to a few pros. Because she uses her Q and ultimate frequently, the mana cost buffs will let her poke more at all times. Fiddlesticks got a buff that might make him Pick/Ban. At max rank, the champions’ healing increases from 50% to 70% of damage dealt, making him a dangerous mid-game team fighter.

Aside from the AP Champions, Riot has two Yordles in their sights. Tristana’s AD growth boosted her to over 8 AD at level 18, and she can be helpful in both mid and bot lanes in a situational choice.

W and Ultimate have been buffed in Poppy’s disruption kit, and Poppy counters every champion with mobility and dash in the current meta of League of Legends. In Korea, she has been seen in the latter role more than in Tristana’s.

Nerfs to Xayah and Jinx are also notable in this patch. As a result of her Lethality build and massive bursts, the first ADC has been the most effective, while Jinx has been a reliable choice since Season 11.