VCT 2021: Game Changers North America Series 1

The VCT Game Changers series is a part of  Riot’s recent initiative, and it aims to bring more opportunities and exposure for women in competitive Valorant. It’s designed to supplement the current Valorant Champions Tour season. 

This is the first tournament of this new program, and it starts with North America, but multiple other competitions are scheduled for various other regions in the world.


We’ll briefly cover the tournament format, go over the teams, and share some of our own VCT Game Changers North America Series 1 predictions.

VCT Game Changers – Tournament Information

The Main Event of this esports tournament will feature 8 teams who will be competing for a $50.000 prize pool.

It starts on March 25th, and ends on March 28th. Over the span of three days, the eight competing teams will go through a series of Bo3 double-elimination bracket matches and the winner will be crowned at the end. 

Watch VCT Game Changers LIVE!

The tournament will be broadcast live on Twitch, so make sure to tune in and watch the best female Valorant teams fight their way to the Grand Final.

Primary Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/VALORANT 

Secondary Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/valorant_esports_na 

Who are the favorites?

VCT Game Changers is the first tournament of its kind, and most of the teams competing are fresh to the competitive Valorant scene. It’s hard to say with confidence who’s going to win, but we will point out some of the teams you should look out for in case you’re planning on doing some live esports betting.

Dignitas Female

The female squad of Dignitas is the team with the most experience in this esports tournament, and that’s the main advantage they have. They qualified from the Upper Bracket, where they had relatively easy matches against Saturn Rose and Infinity.

Dignitas Female took a clean 2-0 sweep in both matchups, leading them into the Main Event. While the Open Qualifiers presented no challenge, the journey ahead will be more perilous.

Dignitas Female will face TSM Female in the opening match and things could go either way, so the crew will have to tread carefully.

Cloud9 White

Cloud9’s female team has been operating since October last year. They are still figuring things out, and nothing is set in stone yet.

Just recently, the organisation signed Keiti as the 6th member of the roster, so this might give the team a bit more flexibility in this event. They are the main contenders for the title, and during the Open Qualifiers, they managed to take down TSM Female with a decisive 2-0 win.

We expect them to win their opening match against Man I love Fwogs, after which they might have to face TSM Female again. If this ends up being the case, the esports odds will favor the Cloud9 squad, so it’s a good match to pick if you’re placing any Valorant bets.

TSM Female

This is the youngest team to join the competitive Valorant scene. They formed on March 17th, and started the event with four core members and a trial member they signed just a few days ago.

Despite all of this, they still have a very good chance to show what they’re made of. The odds are stacked against them, but we shouldn’t write them off just yet.