VCT Game Changers: The NA Series 2 Predictions

The Series 2 of the North American VCT Game Changers is already underway, and this is the second time that we’re seeing another eight teams fighting for a $50.000 prize.

The big four are still here, and that’s Cloud9 White, CLG Red, Dignitas Female and TSM Female. Cloud9 White is on the way to another VCT Game Changers victory, but this time there’s a newcomer that will challenge them in the Upper Bracket Final.


Shopify Rebellion is a team that’s fighting Cloud9 White, and they managed to beat both Dignitas Female and CLG Red with a 2-1 score, sending them into the Lower Bracket.

Our VCT Game Changers predictions are that Cloud9 White will still emerge victorious and make it to another Grand Final, but Shopify Rebellion have already caused two upsets so they can’t be written off just yet.

The Current Situation

As previously mentioned, Cloud9 White and Shopify Rebellion are in the Upper Bracket Finals, and it’s going to be interesting to see if the new team can beat the Series 1 Champions. The Valorant betting sites will most likely favor Cloud9 White, but Shopify Rebellion will be a great betting pick for those who want to feel the thrill of playing a slightly risky bet.

TSM Female is out, and there’s just Dignitas Female and CLG Red fighting for survival in the Lower Bracket. Whoever makes it out alive will face the loser of the Upper Bracket Final match so it will be an uphill battle in any case. The best case scenario for either of these two teams is to face Shopify Rebellion and hope for a successful rematch.

In any case, the Lower Bracket match between Dignitas Female and CLG Red will be a great option for live esports betting, so be sure to check it out and try your luck with one of these two teams.

VCT Game Changers Predictions

Now that we’ve painted the picture of the current situation in the VCT Game Changers NA Series 2, we’ll jump straight into our predictions.

We believe that history will repeat itself and that Cloud9 White will persevere and take this tournament once again. Shopify Rebellion have proven to be capable of winning against strong squads such as Dignitas Female and CLG Red, but Cloud9 White is on another level that they might not be able to reach yet.

Also, both of the matches they won were quite close with 2-1 results, while Cloud9 White has been demolishing everything in their path with clean 2-0 wins.


We expect CLG Red to win against Dignitas Female in the Lower Bracket Round 3 and then face and win in a rematch against Shopify Rebellion in the Lower Bracket Finals. These matches will be very exciting to watch and bet on, so be sure to check Loot.bet for some great betting odds.

We should see Cloud9 White and CLG Red face off in the Grand Finals once again. During Series 1 Cloud9 White won with a 3-0 result, taking two clean maps and carrying a 1-0 advantage from the Upper Bracket. We believe they’ll do the same this time around and win the VCT Game Changers NA Series 2.

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