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Asmongold, Shroud express their wishes for League of Legends MMO

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold, like many other fans of the multiplayer online game (MMO) genre, is looking forward to seeing what Riot Games has in store for its upcoming League of Legends update.

Riot Games confirmed earlier in 2022 that the highly anticipated League of Legends MMO is finally in development. As work cranks up, Greg ‘Ghostcrawler’ Street, the project’s Vice President and the executive producer of Riot’s MMO, reached out to some players for their thoughts.

“Without bashing other games, what features do you not want to see in this game we are making? I am just curious where our features might require a little more explanation,” Greg said. “Feedback is always helpful.”

On Twitter, the World of Warcraft player/streamer questioned his followers to find out which features they would like to see in the game and which they would prefer to see removed.

With three major wishes, Asmongold responded. “Character-specific progress instead of account-wide progress, systems that are obviously flawed or dysfunctional implemented only to be changed later, and backward progression.”

In the past, he’s addressed all of these issues with World of Warcraft numerous times. This means that Riot Games should not repeat the same mistakes in their future League of Legends MMO, as they did in the original game.

His first request might be for Lost Ark, which offers character and account-specific development. On Twitch, Asmongold attracted tens of thousands of viewers with his game’s playthrough.

Due to the inability to switch classes in the game, account-wide progress is employed to speed up the progress of secondary characters. Players in World of Warcraft, on the other hand, must start again if they want to switch characters. With the introduction of account-wide progress in Riot’s MMO, users will be able to level up more quickly and easily.

Shroud echoes similar wish

Similarly, Shroud, another well-known Twitch streamer expressed his wish with Street’s tweet. As seen by the innumerable hours he’s spent on New World, Lost Ark, and World of Warcraft, this comes as no surprise given his self-professed love of the genre.

“Leveling,” Shroud said. “I think gaining power should come from knowledge. I want to be in a world where when I click create character and everything I do has some level of importance, not just a long-winded tutorial.”

Asmongold agreed with him to a certain extent and offered his own honest opinion to the conversation.

“I really liked how in New World, even the items and profession stuff you would do during leveling would have an impact on the overall economy.”

“While I think some leveling is nice, it should have a purpose and move you towards a greater goal in the endgame simultaneously.”

It appears as if they have similar expectations for the upcoming game.

It may be some time before it comes to completion. As of right now, the game is still in the early phases of development. No information has been released about the game’s content or design, nor have any features or a release date been revealed. The Riot MMO’s direction and release date are likewise unknown. Street said there was “no guarantee” that the game would ever be released.

Nobody knows if any of these ideas will be implemented. Still, the fact that creators are already interacting with MMO players is encouraging. If they do it right, it may be the next big thing in the industry.