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Blizzard Games at Discounted Prices until January 7 2019

It is customary for videogame developers to release their best games around Christmas to create hype and boost sales. Many also choose to offer discounts on existing games and Blizzard Entertainment has done precisely that with many of its flagship titles. In order to make some of the disgruntled players happy, but also to expand the customer base, the company will allow them to purchase games at a fraction of their normal price. This campaign started before Christmas and will conclude on January 7, so one week is left.


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Not only the games developed by Blizzard, but also the Activision PC titles on Battle.net are on the list of discounted games. World of Warcraft prices have been updated and players get to choose between the standard and the digital deluxe edition. They also have the option of purchasing the complete collections of both variants, with the least expensive version being €25, while the most expensive €45. In-game discounts are also available, with up to 67% off on certain items, mounts and pets.

Activision Games are also Discounted

Most of the Blizzard fans who have enjoyed the innovative Overwatch will be happy to hear that massive discounts are available on the Legendary Edition. This is supposed to bring in more new players, now that more tournaments have been announced for 2019. Meanwhile, players can cash in on the lower prices on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PC, with the digital edition costing 35% less. Those who haven’t played Destiny 2: Forsaken should know that until January 7 at 6 PM GMT, they can spend less on the complete collections. A 25% markdown is applied to the expansion, so those who own the original will pay less.

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Diablo fans were largely disappointed by the announcements made at Blizzcon and future sales don’t look promising at all. On the bright side, Blizzard has significantly reduced the Diablo III and Reaper of Souls expansion prices which will cost a combined €9.99. Players can acquire the Rise of the Necromancer for the same price or get the BattleChest for €10 more.

StarCraft used to be their flagship game, but the real-time strategy title spends less time in the spotlight these days. Those who want to give it a chance must know that the campaign collection costs €29.99, €10 less than the digital deluxe. Both the fans and new adopters are encouraged to acquire the Nova Mission Packs for €9.99, while those who feel nostalgia should pay the same amount for the StarCraft Remastered game. These can all be acquired digitally, so players are just one click away from making the purchase.

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