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Blizzard Sheds Light on the Starcraft II WCS Winter 2019

Blizzard found itself at the center of a major scandal in November, when the fans have accused it of forsaking its principles. Diablo fans are still upset with the company, but those who play StarCraft can agree that 2018 has been a pretty good year. Even though their favorite game is no longer in the spotlight, the Remastered version has brought back many of the fans who took a lengthy break. Those who are interested in StarCraft II esports have it even better and there’s good news for 2019 as well.


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WCS Korea and WCS Circuit March on

When it comes to competitive StarCraft II games, the South Korean stage is the most active one, but skilled players have emerged elsewhere. Serral has dominated the real-time strategy game at the highest level in 2018 and he is expected to win many tournaments next year. Blizzard has announced that WCS Korea and the WCS Circuit will be back and in anticipation of these events, WCS Winter has arrived. The first stage is played exclusively online, but the finals will take place at a live venue.

This is a new tournament that will replace WCS Circuit stop and winners will be determined 10 weeks after its inception. There will be two major online tournaments consisting of 32 players each, one from North and South America, as well as China, Taiwan and ANZ/SEA. The other will bring together the best European players and each of them will have a guaranteed prize pool worth $60,000. The most successful players will win a significant chunk of the prize and also WCS points.

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WCS Winter Points and Prizes Allocation

The winners of each tournament will collect $12,000 and 1600 WCS points, while the runners up will have to settle for $8000 and 1100 points. The prizes continue to diminish, but all those who participate in the tournament will receive a prize that consists of cash and WCS points so nobody leaves empty-handed. In order to qualify for these tournaments players have the option of climbing up the ladder or winning the open qualifiers. Eight players will secure their presence by moving up the leaderboard until January 10.

The open qualifiers offer a more direct path to the Starcraft II WCS Winter 2019 and they will start on January 15 for the Americas and January 17 for Europe. In any case, the winners will be known by January 20 and in the early days of 2019 the sign-ups for the qualifiers will be open. The tournament itself will be played in GSL-style double-elimination group format. Live games will commence when only six players are left but this promises to be the most exciting phase of the entire tournament.

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