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Blizzard Updates Hearthstone’s Rumble Run to Ensure Balance

Blizzard has had a lot of trouble with many of its flagship games over the last couple of years. Luckily for those who enjoy playing Hearthstone, the popular card game isn’t one of them and there is good news for 2019. The December update brought about much-needed changes that were generally regarded as a step forward by the enthusiastic community. Further updates were announced this week and they are supposed to affect both the arena system and the Rumble Run single player game.


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Blizzard Brings Balance to Hearthstone

One of the things that have made the games developed by Blizzard so popular over the years was their extraordinary balance. In this regard, the company continues to excel and the latest Arena updates are supposed to maintain the balance between classes. Essentially, the appearance rate of individual cards has been adjusted, so the overall win rate for every class will revolve around 50%. Warrior, Rogue and Hunter arena picks were lowered, while players will notice an increase in the average quality of the arena picks for Druid, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Shaman, and Warlock.

The Rumble Run changes are anything but subtle and they affect many aspects of the game. Players will notice a higher frequency of synergistic cards for their shrine, as the card bucket offerings for decks was adjusted. During this game update, bonus buckets were added and major changes were also made to the boss fights. In order to reduce the number of situations in which overpowered enemies obliterate players, the boss decks were slightly nerfed. The goal is to keep the game fun, fair and not extremely difficult.

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More Hearthstone Changes at the Horizon

Blizzard has paid attention to the requests of its players and some of the recent changes reflect this reality. Initially, in the Rumble Run games, players were able to select their class and shrine, an option that was removed once the random shrine drafting was implemented. With this new update, they have undone that change and players will be able to use the same shrine after suffering a defeat.

The manner in which packs were awarded has also changed over the last couple of months and the system currently in place is likely to change again. Sometimes packs were offered for successfully completing quests, while on other occasions they were awarded upfront to celebrate the release of a new expansion. With Rumble Run, Blizzard offered an additional three packs the very moment the game was launched, so they can be used immediately. The feedback from players wasn’t positive, so this feature will be removed and when the next single player Hearthstone content hits, packs will be earned when completing quests.

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