The Complete Esports Calendar 2020

The Esports industry is one of the fastest growing, and major bookmakers today offer ample coverage of the most important tournaments. First-person shooters, real-time strategy games and MOBAs dominate the landscape, but new games, with original gameplay, such as Fortnite and PUBG are closing the gap.


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League of Legends LCK, LPL, LEC and LCS Spring Seasons

The regular seasons of the most important League of Legends tournaments in the world start in January.

In April, the spring playoffs unfold, with the best European, North American, Chinese and South Korean teams in the spotlight.

Bookmakers like Arcanebet covers all these events and offers more than a dozen League of Legends betting markets on each of these prominent events. By the end of the month the winners of the split will be announced and the second half of the summer season will start.

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The February and March Esports Calendar Favours FPS Fans

February is a short but busy month for pre-game and live esports betting, as well as ante-post betting on major tournaments. First-person shooters spend most of the time in the spotlight, as Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive major events are scheduled.

The Call of Duty League continues after the launch weekend of late January, with three rounds. The BLAST Premier Spring Season begins on the first day of February and concludes on the 16th, with some of the best teams chasing a big prize pool.


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At the end of the month, the action shifts to North America, with the DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020 scheduled for the 21-23 weekend. In the final week of February, IEM Katowice will host the CSGO and Starcraft II tournaments.

The Call of Duty League continues unabated in March and 22bet will once again dedicate ample coverage to the first-person shooter.

Dota 2 fans get their share of action and the ESL One Los Angeles between March 15 and March 22.

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April is a Great Month for Call of Duty and Overwatch Betting

In April, the Call of Duty League will gain further traction with three new weeks of competitive games. The Overwatch League also has a busy schedule, with three stops in some of the US cities where the game is immensely popular.

PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds will steal the show in the first few days of the month, as the Global Series: Berlin commences. The official dates are yet to be announced, but this is likely to happen in the first few days of April.

CSGO fans and punters will have their hands full in April, with several major events scheduled.

One can bet on the ESL Pro Tour Masters at Betway Esports starting on April 17 and concluding two days later. This is a series of tournaments with a massive prize pool of nearly $2 million, so it represents an important milestone in the Esports Calendar. Rivalry has covered the in the past and punters can expect the bookmaker to pay the same attention to it in 2020.

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Fun May for Dota 2 and LoL Players and Punters

The EPICENTER Major 2020 is the fourth major event of the Dota Pro Circuit any begins on May 2. It has a huge prize pool of $1 million, so there’s plenty of money to be split among participating teams. The competition lasts for a bit over one week, so the winners will be announced on May 10. One day later, the DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro begins in the Brazilian city and it will come to an end on May 24.

Fans of the other popular MOBA game will be celebrating the 2020 Midseason Invitational taking place between May 1st and May 19. This League of Legends event is held in Taiwan and Vietnam, as a transition between the spring and summer splits. Arcanebet will cover this event in detail, so players will be able to bet on all the games, from the first round all the way to the finals.


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The Esports Calendar also schedules the Overwatch League All-Star weekend in early May and the StarCraft II Dreamhack Dallas 2020 on May 22-24. Throughout the month, the Call of Duty League and Overwatch League have stops scheduled in the US every weekend. Throughout the week, fans of the games can watch the esports streamers broadcasting live action on twitch and YouTube.

Excellent LoL and Starcraft II Betting Opportunities this Summer

At the end of the 2020 Midseason Invitational, the best European, North American, Chinese and South Korean will return to their domestic leagues. The Summer Split will mark the start of the second half of the tournament and the top-performing teams will have a shot at qualifying for the Worlds. This summer is also special for Capcom Pro Tour fans as the CEO 2020 Orlando begins on June 26. It concludes two days later, but it will enjoy ample coverage and all the important esportsbooks.

The second of the three major events expected to rock the world of StarCraft players this summer is the ESL Pro Tour Valencia. It starts on July 2 and only concludes on September 4, when the biggest chunk of the $125,000 prize pool will be awarded to the winner. Later this year, punters will have their hands full betting at on the ESL Pro Tour Montréal starting on September 11. This is the last important StarCraft II event on the Esports Calendar in 2020 and the best players are expected to participate.

CS:GO Pro players will have another chance of winning a share of $300,000, as the ESL One Cologne starts on July 10. This is the seventh consecutive event to be held in this city and punters will be able to bet on its matches at Unikrn until July 12. Fans of the first-person shooter can either bet on the pro players or try to cash in on their own abilities. The original Unikrn umode betting options provide this unique opportunity in anticipation of the next big tournament.

Autumn Brings the Call of Duty and Overwatch League Playoffs

The Call of Duty League will inevitably reach its conclusion in August, when the best teams will compete in an American city. The location is yet to be determined in the same goes for the official dates, but the winner will be known before the end of summer. Bookmakers are likely to publish the odds a few weeks in advance, as soon as the final round is played in Florida. The tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $6 million and the winner will walk away with a huge paycheck.

The Overwatch League Playoffs are scheduled to start a few days later on September 1 and conclude on the 15th. For the fans of this shooting hybrid, these are the most anticipated matches of the entire Esports Calendar. We know the date for the grand final, which is scheduled for September 29 in Philadelphia in front of a large crowd. In 2019, the event was also watched massively online and punters were able to bet live on every single game, something that will only get better this year.

2020 Ends with DreamHack Stops and the ESL Pro Tour Masters

In the last three months of 2020, Counter Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2 fans will have their hands full thanks to the DreamHack events. Mid-October, the DreamHack Rotterdam 2020 electrifies the audience in the Netherlands with three days of highly competitive matches. Two weeks later, DreamHack Hyderabad brings the popular first-person shooter back into the spotlight. In November, the tour stops in Atlanta on the 13th and concludes two days later on the 15th, bringing excitement so US fans.


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The cold season is subtly announced by major events that CS:GO will fully appreciate in November. An important event in the Esports Calendar is the Winter 2020 Major which lasts for two weeks between 2-15. The DreamHack Open Winter 2020 is a shorter but equally intense competition, starting on November 27 and concluding on November 29. The last DreamHack of 2020 is scheduled for December 11-13 and it will bring the best teams to Sevilla for a final showdown.

Counter Strike Global Offensive get the lion’s share of attention in October and December because of the ESL Pro Tour Masters. In addition to the aforesaid DreamHack competitions, fans of the first-person shooters will have the chance to bet on the North American and European masters. The first begins on October 9 and conclude two days later on the 11th, while the latter is yet to define its schedule. This will be the culmination of the ESL Pro Tour and the moment the best team will be crowned winner of 2020.

The Biggest Events for LoL and Dota 2 Players

Without a shred of a down, the most anticipated and best paying tournaments of 2020 will be The International Dota 2 and the League of Legends World Championship events. Punters will once again be pleasantly surprised to discover hundreds of great betting opportunities at Betway on both tournaments. The International Dota 2 starts on August 18 and concludes five days later and is expected to set a new record for the biggest prizes ever award in esports. This is the most anticipated event in the entire Esports Calendar for Dota 2 fans and punters can bet live on the matches or play and the post wagers.


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The 2020 League of Legends World Championship official dates and prizes are not yet official and we don’t know the complete schedule of the Main Event. Twelve teams participate in the play-in stage that starts in October and concludes six days later. They will be divided into four groups of three teams each, with the top two teams to advance to the main event. The final stage of the competition will last for an entire month, with the semifinals and finals scheduled for November. The winner of the LOL Worlds 2020 will be revealed in November in Shanghai in front of a huge and enthusiastic Chinese audience.

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