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FlyQuest upsets Dignitas, 100 Thieves in LCS 2022 Spring week 3

FlyQuest Victorious - Photo Twitter @Swaguhsaurus

FlyQuest had a substantial gold advantage for the majority of the game, but it wasn’t enough to allow them to thoroughly destroy Dignitas’ defenses in week three of the 2022 LCS Spring Split.

However, outstanding scaling provided the entire FlyQuest squad the advantage in game-defining team fights, enabling the team to grab their first victory of the weekend and reclaim first place in the LCS.

Conquering Dignitas

FlyQuest (4-1) defeated Dignitas (3-2) in 38 minutes in a matchup between two teams that started the day in a five-way tie for first.

FlyQuest’s priority on pouring gold into Toucouille provided them with a win condition that could only be obtained in the late game. To prevent River’s Yuumi-boosted Udyr from cutting into Toucouille’s lead, Josedeodo maintained a careful eye on his mid laner, quickly accumulating kills as the game progressed.

Dignitas sought to destroy the damaged squad as FlyQuest stole the dragon soul, but Kumo was able to teleport inside their base and capture an inhibitor. While Dignitas took advantage of the opportunity to try a Baron, the remainder of FlyQuest hid outside the pit in the fog of war to seize the Baron.

Both Josedeodo and aphromoo, as the initiators on FlyQuest, exposed up the entirety of Dignitas’ frontline to Baron-empowered minions and single lane carries out for blood. Josedeodo took his Q on a voyage into all five members of the opposition, slamming them to defeat while the rest of his side advanced to their fourth win of the split.

Taking down 100 Thieves

FlyQuest upset 100 Thieves to finish their third weekend of play in a match in which both teams made excellent advances but also appeared to have doubts about closing out games with leads. FlyQuest now holds sole possession of the first position in the LCS and is the first team to earn five wins in the 2022 Spring Split so far.

Despite the fact that Toucouille is new to the LCS, he is no stranger to mages. He showed off his vast champion pool once more by selecting Veigar in the mid lane matchup. FlyQuest used Veigar cages and Aphromoo’s Thresh hooks to repeatedly catch players of 100T who had spent the opening 25 minutes of the game farming a lead.

When it appeared that FlyQuest had overreached with their lead, both Toucouille and Aphromoo turned their focus on themselves, allowing the rest of their carries to pull down towers and inhibitors from other lanes while 100T was occupied.

Although FlyQuest maintained a lead for the majority of the game, there were occasions when they appeared to stumble in several team fights and questioned their ability to properly end the game. This resulted in the Dragon Soul reaching 100T, but the Thieves also appeared to be afraid of what their opponents would do if they pushed too far out. The conclusion was determined by one final team fight, which was emphasized by Toucouille’s failure to be apprehended by members of 100T.

With this victory, FlyQuest takes exclusive ownership of first place in the LCS standings, while 100T remains near the top. Though this may alter following the outcome of Team Liquid’s match against CLG, the success that both 100T and FlyQuest have had so far bodes well for how they will develop during the rest of the split.