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Gamesquare Esports builds Fourth Frame Studios, targets young audience

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Fourth Frame Studios, first-of-its-kind content development and creative execution studio at the confluence of gaming and culture, has been launched by GameSquare Esports, a publicly-traded multinational esports and gaming firm.

Oluwafemi “Femi” Okusanya, a former FaZe Clan VP of Content, has established Fourth Frame Studios, a GameSquare Esports firm that will provide creative content solutions for clients in various sectors such as gaming, sports, fashion, entertainment, and consumer goods.

“With an unrivaled ability to connect with youth culture and access to a vast network of talented creators, Fourth Frame Studios is positioned to shake up the digital content space in a major way,” said Okusanya as the Head of Studio, Fourth Frame Studios.

“We’re committed to telling stories from different points of view and creating culturally impactful entertainment that is representative of gamers and their broader interests.”

Justin Kenna, CEO of GameSquare Esports shared his thoughts on the launch, in which he also praised Femi’s expertise.

“We identified a gap in the market between high-end, strategic content production needs from brands and in-depth, in-house knowledge of how to stay relevant amongst hard-to-reach audiences such as gamers,” Kenna said.

“Femi’s unique experience will enable him and the Fourth Frame Studios team to create bespoke programs for brands that can be distributed to every platform where the next generation of consumers are.”

Creating relevant content for young people

Fourth Frame Studios will focus on producing culturally significant content for clients in gaming as well as the other aforementioned sectors by leveraging its solid knowledge of Gen Z viewers and unrivaled network of artists.

Furthermore, the studio provides a comprehensive range of creative tools and production services to help brands better position themselves inside digital ecosystems. Generating premium long-form and short-form video content, organizing and executing interactive in-person activities, and conceptualizing digital products and experiences, such as building AR and VR settings in the metaverse, are all part of this.

Fourth Frame Studios will gain access to a portfolio of firms as part of GameSquare, broadening the scope of its operations and allowing the company to explore creative boundaries.

This comprises GCN’s assets as well as Cut+Sew’s skills at the convergence of sports, entertainment, technology, and new media, as well as its handpicked network of influencers to assist brands in reaching a youthful, more culturally relevant audience in authentic ways.

Creatives involved in the launch

The LA-based studio is made up of a broad group of skilled creatives. Jordan Fisher, an actor, singer, dancer, and musician, will enter the Fourth Frame Studios team as Creative Advisor for Original IP Development to help guide the studio’s growth into original content for television and streaming channels.

“I’ve been gaming my whole life – it’s been a great way for me to connect with friends, family, and my fans,” said Fisher. “As an original IP advisor at Fourth Frame Studios, I’ll be able to uniquely merge my passion for gaming with my expertise in film and television to ideate meaningful and authentic programming beyond the more traditional platforms of today.”

In addition, Mark Rasoul, former 100 Thieves VP of Marketing and brand executive at Adidas and Activision, will serve as a Strategic Brand Consultant for the inauguration of Fourth Frame Studios.