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Halo Championship Series Anaheim 2022 begins, offers multiple rewards

The next big North American Halo competition is happening right this weekend, and, similar to the Halo Championship Series Raleigh tournament that launched Halo Infinite esports, drops are returning (HCS) for multiplayer enthusiasts throughout HCS Anaheim 2022. The event runs from February 11 to 13, and the gifts will be accessible on three official Halo Twitch streams.

The teams competing in this tournament are chosen from the Pro Series and Open Bracket qualifiers. They’ll be competing for a share of a $125,000 prize pool over the course of the weekend.

HCS format

Cloud9 has been fairly dominant in this region so far in the HCS. They have an unbeaten record that they are hoping to maintain in this tournament, thus all eyes will be on them.

The Pool Play round will be performed as a round-robin, with four groups of four teams competing. While there are eight qualified teams here, they are joined by the eight seeded teams.

The top team from each group will move directly to the 2nd round of the Championship upper bracket, while the 2nd and 3rd teams will advance to the 1st round. The fourth-placed squad will begin Round 1 in the bottom bracket. All of the matches in this stage are the best of five.

How to get drop rewards

This time around, the skins available mirror the HCS’s winter season. Longer periods of watching, similar to Raleigh’s drops, will reward fans with more skins and drops.

The Twitch notice should display at the upper right of the browser after viewing the streams long enough for the drops to appear. This will take users to the Drops section of their Twitch accounts, where they can link their Xbox account to their Twitch account and redeem the drops.

If they link to the wrong account, they can go to Connections and disconnect the first one they used. Then, the next time a drop arrives, they can reattach it.

The first drop is the HCS Winter Assault Rifle skin, which costs one hour of viewing time. These skins are distinguished from the original skins due to their quad-color appearance of black, white, blue, and red.

The HCS Winter Sidekick, for the pistol, is the second drop for two hours of watch time. The HCS Winter Battle Rifle skin is the final skin drop for three hours of watch time. All of these drops may be obtained from any of the three Halo-specific Twitch feeds, which comprise the Halo, HCS, and Xbox streams.

These skins, however, are not the only drop awards at HCS Anaheim. Users can obtain a new nameplate and emblem if they watch an HCS-partnered co-streamer for an hour over the weekend. It’s called the Championship Chalice, and it comes in blue, white, and red to match the skins from the initial set of drops. To access the co-streams, look for the “drops available” tag.

Furthermore, if users watch the HCS Anaheim grand finals for an hour, they will receive a drop of an HCS Celebration pose. This will only be accessible on February 13, during the grand finals, so make sure to check in to collect all of the drops from this event.