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Halo Infinite’s new Cyber Showdown Event now live with exclusive rewards

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The long-awaited Halo Infinite’s Cyber Showdown has officially kicked off on Tuesday, January 18, through February 1.

The event provides several challenges players can enjoy, complete with obtainable synthwave aesthetic rewards and a new game mode named Attrition, a variation of the Slayer PVP mode.

The event is reminiscent of previous events, such as the Winter Contingency or Fracture: Tenrai. It provides players with a free track of rewards alongside the store’s usual premium offerings.

It is not difficult for players to unlock the exclusive rewards, simply by playing the mode, completing the challenges, and earning the XP. Take note that these rewards will not be returning after their end date, so players need to collect the play and obtain the exclusive rewards within a limited time.

Players can also expect weekly challenges and rewards, with some directly tied to Attrition.

Exclusive rewards

The rewards consist of 10 ranks of various items, from stance, weapon and armor coating, backdrop, and many more, each tied to the event’s challenges. Here is the list of rewards.

Rank one is a rare stance called “Expecting Trouble”, followed by rank two, which is “Electric Bubble” epic weapon coating.

Backdrops are available at ranks three and four, with “Cross Glitch” rare backdrop and “Brute Rock” legendary backdrop.

Rank five is the “Neon Screen” epic armor effect, and rank six is the “Electric Bubblegum” epic armor coating that matches the rank two award.

On rank seven there is “Kukri” epic charm, rank eight “Blackpool” epic visor, rank nine “Hunter Blood” rare AI color, and last, rank ten is the highlight of the event – “Neon Hawk” epic armor effect.

New mode, challenges

Perhaps another highlight of this event is the Attrition mode, a challenge for teamwork and squad coordination. Halo players who joined the previous events perhaps won’t be too unfamiliar with the mode, as it is similar to the Fiesta Slayer game mode – but far more intense.

It comes with a survival twist that puts two teams of four to battle it out against each other. However, each Spartan squad will start with eight shared lives.

Each time a player’s lives run out, their teammate needs to revive them by going to the “glory orb” in their location, instead of respawning with a random weapon after every death in Fiesta Slayer. Then, for Xbox controller users, they need to hold down the X button or the reload key to reviving their comrades.

Attrition is played in a best-of-three round format on the major maps of Aquarius, Bazaar, Behemoth, Live Fire, recharge, and Streets.

The mode also comes with various challenges, from which players can earn XP and boost the bar to eventually obtain rewards and the seasonal battle pass.

The challenges are called “Tallyman”, “Dependable”, “Kickflips”, “Star Ninja”, two types of “Misriah Loves Company”, “Punch Box Laboratory”, “Help Wanted”, “Counted Among Us”, and “Overwhelming Outcome”.

343 Industries has also made it possible for players to complete multiple challenges in a single day, just like the Tenrai event.